MAMAMOO member Solar Shares Tips to Stay Sweat Free in Summer

MAMAMOO member solar has shared some tips with her fans across the globe about staying sweat-free in summer through her YouTube channel solarsido on July 15. The K-pop idol said they have to be clean and dry during stage performances. So, the band members follow certain tricks to beat the heat during their performances.

The 30-year-old singer revealed that four different ways have helped her stay fresh during stage performances, and she wants to share those tips with her fans. According to her, the tricks have helped her from sweating the stage outfits.

Here are Four Ways to Stay Sweat Free In Summer

MAMAMOO member Solar
MAMAMOO member Solar is the judge of two musical programs. MAMAMOO
  • Sweat Pads – The girl group member revealed that sweat pads help keep the armpit dry in summer. In the video, the Korean singer introduced her armpit sweat pads and explained their usage. She said it is an effective way to stay fresh and keep the armpit area of outfits dry during hot summer days.
  • Cooling sheets – Solar then showed off her cooling sheets to the viewers. She said these sheets are very effective and it is easy to use. The user needs to stick the sheet on the forehead, and it will provide a cooling sensation. But the MAMAMOO member revealed that she does not use it often because it could ruin her makeup.
  • Scalp Cooling Spray – Another product introduced by the girl group member to stay sweat-free on hot days is the scalp cooling spray. She said the foam can be sprayed on the head to get rid of heat instantly. But it is not very effective on a hot day.
  • Sports Cooling Spray - Lastly, Spit It Out singer introduced sports cooling spray to her fans. She said it is also an effective way to stay cool in summer without applying anything to the body. The user can spray it on the outfit, and it works fine. But it leaves a strong, choking smell and leaves patches on the clothes.

MAMAMOO member Solar, whose real name is Kim Yong Sun, is currently the judge of two musical programs, namely Joseon Top Singer and The Song We Loved, New Singer.

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