Mamamoo's Solar releases video on female genital mutilation; singer in good terms with Eric Nam

Mamamoo released a nine-minute video on International Zero Tolerance Day Against Female Genital Mutilation

Mamamoo's Solar has released a nine-minute video to create awareness against female genital mutilation. Solar was recently in the news over her relationship with on-screen husband Eric Nam on the We Got Married show. Solar released the video on the occasion of commemorating International Zero Tolerance Day Against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Solar, in the latest video, has spoken about the dangers caused by female genital mutilation. According to Unicef Korea, nearly two billion women from 30 countries have been forced to practice FGM. According to data from 2013, the practice is rampant in Somalia, Guinea, Egypt, Mali and in some countries of North Africa where 90 per cent of the women are claimed to have undergone FGM, reported allkpop.

FGM is a practice where the female genitalia is removed completely or partially in the belief that it increases sexual activeness. But medically speaking, it is life-threatening as village elders perform the surgery and not medical practitioners. In many cases, the girl undergoing FGM dies due to excessive bleeding and injury.

Solar urged people to donate for organizations working towards eradicating FGM. She also clarified that donation is not the only way but "even doing it in your heart is showing support".

Eric Nam controversy

Mamamoo Solar
Mamamoo's Solar Instagram

Solar was paired with Nam for the show We Got Married. But there were rumours that all was not well between the on-screen couple. Nam recently said that he had received many hate messages from his fans and public for being paired with Solar.

Though the show was aired in 2016, the couple is still said to be getting hate messages. Clearing the air, singer and songwriter Nam said both he and Solar are on good terms. "Hope we can be good friends in the future," he said in a recent podcast of DIVE Studio's official account on YouTube.