Is MAMAMOO's Solar from North Korea? Truth revealed

Solar's lack of childhood photos gave way to such rumours.

MAMAMOO’s Solar has responded to rumours circulating about her being a North Korean Facebook/RBW.MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO's Solar has opened up about rumours that she is a North Korean. The 25-year-old girl group member has put an end to the stories circulating about her.

The girl group members appeared on JTBC's A Hyung I Know and Solar asked the members of the show: "What do you think is the most ridiculous rumor about me?"

Solar explained that her lack of childhood photos and her real name being Kim Yong Sun gave way to such rumours. She said: "Many celebrities, including singers, have graduation photos that are revealed. But I didn't have any at all. So people, fans and non-fans alike, thought I came from North Korea. But it's been revealed now."

Previoulsy, during an appearance on MBC's Radio Star, Solar talked about the rumours. She said: "That rumor came about because there are [almost] no past pictures of me."

She added: "Whenever an old picture did come out, I got so much criticism. They'd ask where and how much plastic surgery I got."

Apart from fans, Korean-American singer and television host Eric Nam is a big fan of Solar. The duo are seen together in South Korean reality show, We Got Married.

During an appearance on SBS PowerFM's radio show 2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show, Nam gushed about Solar. He said: "Although the marriage life is not real, being able to try it out feels new and refreshing. Since we have a period when we're filming, we see each other every few weeks and so actually instead of marriage, it feels more like dating. As we film more, I think we'll become closer and it will feel more like marriage."

"Her personality is perfect. It's so good. Her personality matches so well with me. If we spend the whole day together, I'm laughing the entire day," he added.