Wheein Explains Why She Left RBW; Will She Continue To Be a Member of MAMAMOO?

Wheein is said to have signed a deal with RBW agreeing to promote MAMAMOO's activities for at least two more years.

It is confirmed. MAMAMOO"s Wheein has at last left her agency RBW. The KPop idol wrote a handwritten letter and explained why she left the agency. The letter can be found on her personal Instagram account and so far it is not known if she will join a new agency.

In a personal post, Wheein addressed her fans and wrote about her time in RBW. She thanked her fans [MooMoos] and her previous company for being her support system. Speaking about her future as a member of MAMAMOO group, she said that she will continue to be a part of the group.

Mamamoo's Wheein has left her agency RBW. Instagram

"Hello. This is MAMAMOO's Wheein. I will be preparing to leave RBW Entertainment for a new environment. RBW Entertainment was much like a hometown to me, having spent 10 years there since I was a trainee, laughing and crying together as they helped me rise to the position I'm in now," read her statement.

Hinting at aspiring to walk on a new path, Wheein said that this venture was unfamiliar for her. "As I too, lead my own life, this is something I'm taking on for the first time and so I do feel various emotions as well as that this is all so unfamiliar and difficult for me. It was due to the long time that the RBW Family spent with me, working hard for me, that I was able to receive such huge amounts of live. I sincerely send my gratitude," Wheein said.


"Our MooMoos, that spent the brightest 7 years of my life, my youth, with me, I'm truly thankful. I will work harder in the future at promotions and repay you with good much, in order to spend happier days with MooMoos and the members," she added.

Clearly stating her intentions to stay with the group, Wheein said, "The four members of MAMAMOO will all always be by everyone's side. I will engrave everyone's worry, concerned words and abundant cheers in my heart and continue to live strong and cool."

Wheein was with RBW for nearly 10 years. Reports claim that she signed a deal with RBW agreeing to promote with MAMAMOO for at least two more years. The other three memebrs of MAMAMOO - Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa have renewed their contract with RBW. Recently, actress Shin Se Kyung, singer - actor Lee Seung Gi, f(X) Krystal also quit their respective agencies after being a part of it for nearly or more than 15 years.

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