"It's a miraculous that I'm here right now": Reveals Madonna During Belgium Concert

Madonna, the iconic pop star, declared it to be nothing short of a miracle that she is still alive following a terrifying health scare earlier this summer. The 65-year-old singer, who was rushed to the hospital in June, has made an astonishing recovery and recently embarked on her "Celebration" tour in London.


The health scare in question was caused by a severe bacterial infection that rendered Madonna unconscious and led to a several-day stay in intensive care. Her manager, Guy Oseary, issued a statement confirming her condition at the time.

Addressing her audience during a recent concert in Antwerp, Belgium, Madonna expressed her gratitude for a second chance at life. She revealed, "Less than four months ago, I was in a hospital, and I was unconscious, and people were thinking, predicting that I might not make it. So, it's a miraculous that I'm here right now."

The singer went on to pay tribute to her late mother, who passed away in 1963 due to breast cancer, suggesting that her mother had watched over her during her hospitalization. Madonna shared, "My mother, God bless her, she must be watching over me. She said, 'Girl, it's not your time to go.'"

With deep emotion, Madonna continued, "How lonely she must have felt laying in a hospital, knowing that she wasn't going to live ... I was given another chance. So I'm very grateful for that."

Madonna inaugurated her "Celebration" tour at the O2 Arena in London on October 14, where she acknowledged her ongoing recovery. Despite not feeling entirely well, she expressed her gratitude to her fans and children, saying, "I must tell you, I don't feel really well right now, but I can't complain 'cause I'm alive. Thank God for my children and all of you for your love and support, I really appreciate it."

The health scare unfolded in June, when Madonna reportedly collapsed at her New York home during intense tour rehearsals. She was swiftly admitted to a New York hospital, where she was intubated and placed under the care of doctors in the intensive care unit.

On her journey to recovery, Madonna took to Instagram to express her gratitude, thanking her children and fans for their unwavering support. In her Instagram post, she wrote, "Thank you for your positive energy, prayers, and words of healing and encouragement. I have felt your love. I'm on the road to recovery and incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life."

Madonna's comeback spirit was evident as she pledged to return to her fans soon. "My first thought when I woke up in the hospital was my children. My second thought was that I did not want to disappoint anyone who bought tickets for my tour. I also didn't want to let down the people who worked tirelessly with me over the last few months to create my show. I hate to disappoint anyone. My focus is now my health and getting stronger, and I can assure you, I'll be back with you as soon as I can," she wrote.

Madonna's triumphant return to the stage after a harrowing health scare serves as a testament to her resilience and enduring popularity as one of the world's most iconic entertainers. Fans eagerly await her upcoming performances, as she continues to inspire with her indomitable spirit.

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