Madison Bergmann: Teacher Arrested for 'Making Out' With 5th Grader in School Moved His Desk Closer So She Could Rub His Legs in Class

Due to the position of his desk in her classroom, the boy "did not believe any of the other kids would see it happening," according to the complaint.

Madison Bergmann, the Wisconsin teacher arrested for allegedly "making out" with an 11-year-old student in her classroom, reportedly shifted the victim's desk next to hers so that she could touch him during class without other students seeing her in her act. She reportedly used to rub the victim's legs.

Bergmann, 24, was charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child under 13 after the victim's father reported her to both River Crest Elementary School administrators and the police. According to a criminal complaint filed on Thursday in St. Croix District Court, the fifth-grader informed investigators that Bergmann would rub his thigh and calves in the classroom during independent reading time.

Sexually Starved Teacher

Madison Bergmann
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"My daughter thought he was a problem kid," another student's mom told The New York Post. "She said that his desk got moved next to [Bergmann's] a couple of months ago, and she just assumed that he was in trouble.

"When it was time for lunch, she'd ask him to stay after class," the mother said, adding, "so that just fed into the idea that he was constantly getting into trouble."

Madison Bergmann
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Due to the position of his desk in her classroom, the boy "did not believe any of the other kids would see it happening," according to the complaint.

The pre-teen told police that Bergmann kissed him multiple times in her classroom, either after school or while the other students were at lunch.

The boy also confirmed to police that Bergmann would have him stay after class.

The boy's family had developed a friendship with Bergmann, to the extent of accompanying her on a ski trip to Afton Alps, a nearby resort.

Bergmann told authorities that she obtained the boy's number during that weekend.

Getting Caught

Alarm was raised on April 29 when the boy's mother overheard a phone call between Bergmann and the victim. Subsequently, his father confiscated his phone and discovered sexually charged text messages.

Madison Bergmann
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According to the complaint, in one text, Bergmann told the boy that she "wanted to just grab your face and push you to the floor and make out with you."

In another text, she allegedly told him, "I almost kissed you when you were on the ground today, but I got distracted by your stomach."

The boy's furious father printed out the text messages and brought them to the school, prompting authorities to launch an immediate investigation. During this process, police searched Bergmann's backpack and allegedly found a folder labeled with the victim's name. Inside the folder were several handwritten letters.

"In her notes she tells him that she loves him, wants to kiss him, he turns her on, and that she is obsessed with him," the complaint says.

Bergmann is currently out on a $25,000 bond. She has disabled her social media accounts and is banned from being on school property or attending school events.

It's unclear whether she has retained legal representation authorized to speak on her behalf.

Madison Bergmann
Madison Bergmann Facebook

Moreover, Bergmann, who was engaged to Sam Hickman, will no longer be getting married in July.

"It's been indefinitely postponed," a pal of her fiance told The Post Saturday.

"And it probably won't happen. He is really upset and heartbroken. He's embarrassed and pissed. He didn't deserve this. Everyone is pissed."