Madison Bergmann: Fiance of Teacher Arrested for Making Out With 5th Grader Calls off Wedding Saying, 'She Cheated with a Little Kid'

The wedding page of the long-term couple on the widely-used marriage website, The Knot, has been taken down.

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The distraught fiancé of the Wisconsin elementary school teacher, who was arrested for making out with a fifth grader, has called off the wedding, according to reports. Madison Bergmann and Sam Hickman were due to get married in July, but the revelation of her sick love affair with one of her 11-year-old students halted any plans of a romantic ceremony.

Hickman has described Bergmann's actions as "f***** up behavior" and has severed all ties with her, the New York Post reported. Bergmann, 24, faces one count of first-degree child sexual assault following a report by a parent of a fifth grader to River Crest Elementary School administrators and law enforcement.

Sex With Student Ruins Life

Madison Bergmann
Madison Bergmann X

"It's been indefinitely postponed," a friend of the couple told the New York Post. "And it probably won't happen. Sam is really upset and heartbroken. He's embarrassed and p****d. He didn't deserve this. Everyone is pi****d," he added.

The wedding page of the long-term couple on the widely-used marriage website, The Knot, has been taken down.

According to the friend, the decision to cancel the wedding, originally set for July 27, was a mutual decision made by both parties, rather than one's alone. "It was more like, 'Well obviously it's not going to happen this summer.' Pretty much all that there is to say," he said.

"He says it's f–ked up that she cheated with a little kid," the friend told The Post.

"He's really really hurt. Not talking too much about it, just like 'this is f–ked up'."

The alleged sexual assault came to light when the boy's parents reportedly found text messages exchanged between Bergmann and their son.

Exposing Her

Madison Bergmann
Madison Bergmann X

On Wednesday, the child's father provided printed copies of these messages, alleging that they contained instances where Bergmann allegedly told the boy that she liked the victim touching her and that she enjoyed "making out" with him.

According to KARE 11, the child's mother initially overheard conversations between the student and Bergmann on the phone, which she then relayed to the child's father.

During her interview with the police, Bergmann said that the victim's mother allegedly provided her with the student's phone number after inviting her to Afton Alps, a skiing resort, over winter break.

Upon searching Bergmann's bag, officers found handwritten notes exchanged between her and the student, as mentioned in the charging documents. The contents of these notes have not been disclosed.

When questioned about the text messages between her and the student, Bergmann opted to exercise her right to legal counsel, according to the documents.

Following her arrest, Bergmann was suspended from her teaching position. Bergmann is prohibited from contacting Hudson School District students, parents, or staff. She is also barred from entering district premises or attending any school-related events.

This article was first published on May 5, 2024