Lingerie Photoshoot Gone Wrong: Duct Tape Gets Stuck in Voluptuous Model's Genitals

The duct tape fashion trend is all the rage among glamour models and several voluptuous women on Instagram and OnlyFans are cashing in on the craze by wearing duct tape lingerie and bikinis while flaunting their assets for a premium price to their subscribers.

Moriah Mills, a buxom model hailing from New York City, faced agony for two days after trying the duct tape trend as the glue was so intense, that it got stuck all over her body including her private parts.

Moriah Mills Duct Tape Lingerie Stuck Genitals
Twitter / Moriah Mills

Mills wore a duct tape monokini that ran all over her assets along with her arms and legs in the hopes of giving her OnlyFans subscribers a treat and revealed to the Daily Star that she had to endure endless pain for two days and seek help to remove the glue off her body.

The 27-year-old brunette beauty said, ''The tape took two days to come off. I had to soak in the tub with water to get the glue from the rhinestone and the tape off. It was very painful and hard to remove, but not that bad,'' she said and continued, ''My back part hurt the most.''

However, after suffering two days of agony to get herself free from the glue, Mills shared the duct tape images on her Instagram handle with close to 90,000 followers and teased her fans to check out more on her OnlyFans page.

The model received positive comments on her duct tape pictures on Instagram as a user commented, ''This woman is killing it.'' while another said, ''Perfection woow.'' However, many others noticed the duct tape and said, ''That is actually tape? I thought it was like bodysuit etc,'' and another fan described her to be ''the most beautiful''.

This is not the first time Mills was in the news -- the luscious model had previously confessed that she has no girl pals and claimed that they cut their friendship with her after their husbands ended up fancying her.

In an interview with ITV's This Morning, Mills said, ''That's not my thing, to talk to other people's partners because I wouldn't want that done to me but I guess they feel the attention I get when we go out to dinner, they know that their boyfriends will be looking at me.''

Mills also described that her curvy body plays a significant part in not being able to form platonic relationships with women.