Woman Points out Lingerie Ad Showing Model with 'One Giant Breast'

Lingerie brands are known to photoshop their models to fit the 'perfect body' narrative and the United Kingdom's most loved intimate brand 'Lounge Underwear' went a step ahead with their photoshopping skills that left everyone in splits.

Lounge Underwear posted a series of stories on its Instagram handle with a gorgeous blonde model highlighting their newly released collection 'The Pearl Illustration Balcony Bra and Thong Set' but their 'close up look' ended up making the model look like she's having 'one giant breast'.

Lounge Underwear Model with one giant breast
Twitter / Jennifergalttt

Users immediately took screenshots of the blunder Lounge Underwear created and mocked the brand for being careless in their promotions and manipulating women's bodies just to sell their products.

However, the fact of the matter is that the enlarged part is nothing but a zoomed version of the product so shoppers can have a better look at the bra detailing.

A Twitter user named Jennifer Galttt posted the screenshot on her social media handle with Lounge Underwear's blunder and captioned it, ''I thought this lassie on lounge underwear ads had one giant tit but obv it's so you can see the lace xx''

Jennifer's tweet went viral in no time and received thousands of shares and comments. A user commented, ''I've been laughing at this for several minutes. What's wrong with me?'' While another wrote, ''Another unrealistic body expectation for women.''

Many others commented meme-type responses to the picture by saying, ''When you buy a boob job on Wish,'' while another joked, ''Omgggg I screamedd.''

Even Lounge Underwear played sport and replied to Jennifer's tweet saying, ''Well, one's always bigger than the other,'' and added the surprise and laugh emojis.

Also, Lounger Underwear's latest lace bra and panty collection is available for purchase on their website and is priced at $69 and allows worldwide shipping. It comes with white, black and maroon colours and caters to cup sizes of from A and upto G.

The Pearl Illustration Balcony Bra and Thong Set has a hand-sketched embroidery illustration which makes it look stunning and the description on the website reads that the bra ''represent the unique diversity and beauty of our Female Family.''