Lana Del Rey Under Fire for Wearing Mesh Face Mask at LA Book Signing

Lana Del Rey wore a mesh-material face mask to a book signing at a Los Angeles branch of Barnes & Noble, where she interacted with fans.

Wearing face masks has become a hot topic of debate in the United States since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. It has also been highly politicized with numerous Republicans, and the right-wing in general, vehemently opposing face masks as a violation of their fundamental rights.

The topic has received widespread attention, especially after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Now, Lana Del Rey has drawn criticism from fans for wearing a mesh face mask during a recent book signing event, with some even dubbing her a "Karen."

Late last month, the 'Blue Jeans' singer released her poetry book called "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Glass." To promote the book's launch, the songstress held a book signing event at an Los Angeles branch of Barnes and Noble on Friday, Oct 2 but the event received attention for the wrong reasons.

Photos and an Instragram Live session by Del Rey from the event appeared to show her wearing a face covering made of a mesh-like material, prompting criticism from some fans.

Lana Called a 'Karen,' 'Anti-Masker,' Accused of Hypocrisy

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey at the book signing. Instagram / Twitter

While some fans called her out for wearing a mesh mask does not mitigate the spread of the virus, others pointed out to her that she was putting her fans at risk by wearing it to a meet-and-greet.

"My friend saw Lana del Rey out and about in that same embellished-mesh mask from Interview Magazine feature... which is NOT A SAFE MASK leading me to wonder... is Lana del Rey anti-mask??," tweeted one user.

"lana del rey has reached her full karen form HELP," wrote another, while a third user opined, "I can't belive lana is actually wearing this mask to.....socially interact with people..this is so irresponsible."

One user accused Del Rey of being a hypocrite by sharing an excerpt from an interview with Interview magazine for the publication's September issue, which she featured on wearing a similar a glittering, rhinestone-encrusted mesh mask. "Please wear a mask (Just not, you know, this one.)," she said to the magazine. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

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