Maskless NYC Woman Assaults Black Verizon Store Employee, Calls Her the N-Word [VIDEO]

The woman was filmed physically and verbally attacking a Verizon store employee in New York City after being told to wear a face mask

A video of a woman's hostile and racist behavior toward an African-American employee of a Verizon wireless store in New York City after being told to wear a mask is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, shared by Twitter account BallerAlert, claims the incident took place at the Verizon store located on 69th Street and 3rd Avenue and the woman became agitated after the employee told her to wear a face mask. A New York State mandate requires everyone to wear a face covering or mask in an indoor public space.

'Get Your Sh*t Away From Me'

The clip starts off with the employee asking the woman, who is seated on one of the store's demo stations, to leave. "That's not your charger," the employee says before approaching the woman and trying to snatch the store's property back from her.

Just as she's about to take the charger from her, the woman shoves her back saying, "get your sh*t away from me, b*tch. Do not grab my f*cking hand!"

"I did not touch you," the attendant responds. "You can get out."

"Yes, you f*cking did," the woman snaps back before picking up an object on the table and throwing it at the staff member. "Get the f*ck away from me before I beat the sh*t out of you.

'I'm Not Walking Around the City Without Data'

racist NYC woman
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

A male employee then intervenes and can be heard telling the woman to exit the store but she continues her verbal assault towards the female staff member.

"F*ck yourself, you f*cking ugly hoe," she says as the male employee interjects and tells her, "no one's a ugly hoe here."

"Actually, yeah you are," the woman says before complaining about not having enough data. "I'm walking around the goddamn f*cking city without data, you pieces of sh*t." she can be heard saying as she makes her way towards the exit.

"You're not only f*cking breaking contract, you're enforcing illegal laws and you don't tell me what to f*cking do and you don't grab my f*cking hand," she says before leaving the store. "You fat ugly n*gger."

The video quickly amassed hundreds of comments with some users calling the woman out over her racist behavior while others praised the employee for handling the incident professionally.

"I hope @Verizon gives those employees a damn RAISE! The level of professionalism that took to be berated and assaulted like that and hold their composure," wrote one user.

"I hope the store has better footage of her so that she can be named and shamed," commented another. "She very clearly called one of their employees an unacceptable word that she should be fired for, shunned by her community for, etc. It's bad enough that she's a horrible person, worse she's a racist."