Kodi not working? Here are common reasons and fixes

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"Kodi not working" has become a catchphrase in the Kodi community due to the number of users experiencing various issues with the media software on a regular basis. It's a persistent problem and explanations have been repetitively presented whenever the matter occurs.

Unfortunately, many users are still confused why their app or the box they're using is not working properly. The reasons are actually obvious. IBTimes Singapore has listed the most common reasons why your Kodi is not working properly--whether on Android, PC, iOS, Linux or Mac, as well as the fixes that you need to know by now.

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Add-ons from unofficial sources

The recurring trend among user complaints when Kodi malfunctions, is the fact that users have add-ons hailed from unofficial sources. Add-ons not coming from their original repositories are risky for a bunch of reasons.

One, duplicate repositories don't exactly match their model. Two, duplicate repositories and add-ons aren't based on the latest models. Three, wrong modules used. The list goes on.

Un-updated Kodi version

Users who don't keep up with updates pushed by the developers are most likely to experience a faulty app. Updates are rolled out for a couple reasons. Apart from new features, more often than not, they are here to support the latest operating systems as well as dependencies and backend drivers.

Needless to say, the best fix for this problem is to accept software updates for Kodi as soon as they notify you.

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Unavailable content

Not everything you search on Kodi is available on the public internet. Like Google, Kodi scours the internet for content that you wish to see. Whenever you see a link, a poster or anything that says your most sought-after film is now available for viewing, it's half truth and half lie.

If the add-on played is the right and desired content, then good for you. If not, you move on. It's probably not even available yet.

Blocked content

The same goes for blocked content. Whether you like it or not, internet service providers around the world call the shots on which types of content you can view. However, in countries where democracy is at its best, blocked contents could mean only mean adult videos or photos or anything that's not appropriate and is violative of the state's policies.

The only way you can get away with it is through VPNs (virtual private networks). That's if VPNs are allowed in your country.

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Unsupported add-ons

Many Kodi add-ons live on for a short period of time. Some could be abandoned completely; some could be salvaged by new doting repositories. Add-ons that are left hanging could still work but for the most part, this is only momentary. When updates begin to cease, users will find it hard to fix them.

Pro tip: Follow the developers of add-ons on their social media so you'd which one is dying or surviving.

What you should do

Here's a rundown of tips and reminders whenever Kodi is really not on your side:

  • Remove less useful add-ons.
  • Delete add-ons from unofficial repositories.
  • Update Kodi.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi.
  • Factory reset is your last-ditch option if you think your Kodi badly needs cleansing and start from the ground up.

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This article was first published on January 20, 2018