5 best working Kodi add-ons for movies in January 2018

5 best working Kodi add-ons January 2018
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Kodi add-ons bring an unparalleled streaming experience to users when they are in the best possible condition--less to zero dead or broken links, high-quality video and a wide variety of content. As the new year opened, a couple of notable add-ons had been updated to fix problems and enhance the overall experience.

In this list, we've looked at some of the most up-to-date Kodi add-ons that deserve commendation and therefore worthy to be shared. Here are five of the best working Kodi add-ons for movies in January 2018:

Xtreme Odyssey

For thrill-seeking movie buffs, Xtreme Odyssey is the perfect Kodi add-on for you as it is filled with action and adventure content ranging from movies to sports to documentaries. The universal search function enables users to look up specific content and view them directly from the results.

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Its content features those from National Geographic Wild, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, wildlife and survival movies and TV shows, works of wildlife legends David Attenborough, Ben Fogle, Crocodile Hunter, Michael Palin and more. Major sports events can also be found here. The Xtreme Odyssey Kodi add-on can be found in the Illuminati Repository.


As the name suggests, this add-on is geared towards love and romance. The Amore Kodi add-on is full of varying types of romantic content, ranging from comedy to drama. It has full Trakt and TMDB integration and is located in the Illuminati Repository.


The Boondock Kodi add-on houses a mishmash of great and popular content and movie and TV show playlists. Its latest update, the version 2.1.1, brings new features like the ability to search a list of uncached and tweaks to the sorting and caching functions in the add-on.

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Stored in the Illuminati Repository, it's unique and well-thought of categories include Movie Faves, Kickass TV, Badass Requests, Skelly's Picks, Documentaries, You Killed Stewie-Animated Content, Netflix Original Series, Popular and On TV Today.


Although it is an evolution of the old, dusty Stream Army add-on, the Nemesis Kodi add-on remains in the Stream Army repository. Its newly updated to fix some of its broken and dead links, making the add-on more user-friendly and useful. It contains a vast amount of various content, thanks to its four main dedicated aggregators.

In the movies category, you can find popular films and those that come from well-known sources Lord JD Foreign and 123 Movies. You can also get movies in HD or 4K or in 3D. Nemesis has a PIN system that users should own before they can access the add-on. It can be acquired here.

Fright Night

Into freaky movies? The Fright Night Kodi add-on stores the best horror movies and TV shows on Kodi. The add-on is created to pay homage to Fear of the Dark, a well-known horror movie Kodi add-on that was shut down early in 2017. It can be found in the Illuminati Repository.

Have you tried these Kodi add-ons? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

This article was first published on January 10, 2018