Top Kodi add-ons recommended for sports enthusiasts: UFC, WWE, NBA, NFL and more

5 must-try Kodi add-ons in January 2017

Kodi has become the favourite platform for many sports fanatics as it provides amazing movies, music and TV shows. From boxing to mixed martial arts to basketball to football, here's a list of the best Kodi add-ons that are highly recommended for sports enthusiasts.

Sports Hub

Reminiscent of the old Pro Sport, the Sports Hub Kodi add-on especially scrapes Reddit to deliver sports and information. It offers live Kodi sports streams that are publicly available. Reddit plays a significant role in finding media streams and have them on Kodi for playback.

Contents available are related to basketball, hockey, football, baseball and other games. The add-on has an archive section where users can watch replays of games.


For sports buffs who love bare knuckles in action, the FightTube Kodi add-on is the way to go. Almost all boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts streams are here, including UFC, Bellator, WWE and a lot more.


From live IPTV to other sports streams, the BOOM Kodi add-on has got you covered. It has an easy interface and a vast library of content that you can watch. May it be football, boxing, mixed martial arts or motorsport, you can access tonnes of content from here.

NetStreams SportsHUB

The revamped NetStreams SportsHUB Kodi add-on offers live IPTV sports streams from around the world. The new version also provides various contents other than sports, such as entertainment, documentaries and more.

Folders are arranged according to sports for added convenience. You can access football matches, cricket, NBA, NFL and sports channels and movies, among others.

Xtreme Odyssey

The Xtreme Odyssey Kodi add-on is for the thrill seekers. Packed with action and adventure sports, documentaries and movies, users are treated with great content from channels such as Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Wild.

Major sports events are also included in the add-on so you don't miss out on adrenaline-pumping shows. You can get it from the Illuminati Repository.