The King's Affection Episode 11 Spoilers and Streaming Details: Crown Prince to Face Another Change?

The political war between the power-thirsty officials in the palace will begin in The King's Affection episode 11. This chapter is scheduled to air on KBS2 Monday at 9.30 pm KST. Since the historical drama series is halfway through, the viewers can look forward to some intense and unexpected moments in the upcoming chapter. It could probably take the viewers through a rollercoaster of events.

The promo for November 15 hinted at troubled moments for the Crown Prince. As he prepared for his marriage, a new challenge came on his way. The video featured a group of officials gathered at the palace ground requesting the King to dethrone Lee Hwi. The footage also featured Jung Ji Un reaching out to help his lover. It could not be easy for the King to protect his son because people were against him.

Will Queen Force King to Crown her Son?

The Queen has been waiting for an opportunity to dethrone the Crown Prince, and the King worked hard to protect his eldest son. As the King made all efforts to help Lee Hwi, the Queen might decide to set a trap for her stepson to help her biological son. The viewers will have to wait for the telecast of episode 11 to know more about it.

In the meantime, the followers of this historical romantic comedy-drama can check out the recap of chapters 9 and 10 below:

The King's Affection Episode 11
A behind the scene photo from The King's Affection Episode 10. Twitter/KBS Drama

The King's Affection Episode 9 Recap

The chapter began by featuring an intimate moment between Lee Hwi and Ji Un. Through the episode, the mini-series focussed on the romantic relationship between the Crown Prince and his tutor. Ji Un had a hard time trying to find out why he fell in love with a man. And, Lee Hwi hid her feelings to protect her loved ones. But things got out of their hands, and they admitted their feelings for each other. While Ji Un opened about his affection, the Crown Prince indirectly revealed that he also developed feelings for his tutor.

On the other end, Lee Hwi's grandmother decided to get the Crown Prince married. Though King Hyejong and the Crown Prince requested her to postpone it, Left State Councilor Han Ki Jae accused the King of moving against his son. Queen Dowager finally decided to prepare for the selection of Crown Princess. Since it was difficult for Lee Hwi and his father to stop the Queen Mother, the Crown Prince decided to stop seeing his tutor. He requested his lover to change his job.

The King's Affection
A poster of KBS drama The King's Affection. Twitter/KBS Drama

The King's Affection Episode 10 Recap

The chapter featured a conversation between Lee Hwi and Ji Un. The Crown Prince asked his tutor to look for a new job of his choice. Ji Un understood that his lover feels uncomfortable around him. So, he decided to resign as a royal tutor and get back to being a physician. Before the couple decided to part ways, they spent a day together.

Meanwhile, Prince Lee Hyun found out that Lee Hwi was Ji Un's first love. Though he wanted to help them, the Prince decided to stay away from it. Since everybody in the palace was busy in the selection process of Crown Princess, Lee Hwi took some time out to make his tutor understand how he felt. The chapter ended by featuring the couple parting ways.

How to Watch The King's Affection Episode 11 Online?

The historical romance drama will return with a new chapter on KBS2 Monday at 9.30 pm KST. People in Korea can watch the mini-series by tuning in to the broadcasting channel or streaming it on the official website. International K-drama fans can watch the show with subtitles on Netflix.