Yumi's Cells Episode 9 Recap, Episode 10 Spoilers and How to Watch; Goodbye Seo Sae Yi

Yumi's Cells episode 9 aired on TVING Friday at 10.50 pm KST, and it followed Kim Yumi as she enjoyed her romantic relationship with Gu Woong. The chapter also featured the various challenges faced by the couple because of Seo Sae Yi. All the cells of Woong and Yumi worked hard to help them take their relationship to the next level.

Finally, they managed to get rid of Sae Yi. The couple enjoyed some time together without getting worried about a third person. But are they close to each other? Yumi might not have been able to understand Woong well. Episode 10 of this romantic fantasy web drama will reveal all the details about it. But before getting into the details of it, here is a quick recap of Yumi's Cells episode 9.

Tension Rises in the Cell World

The chapter began by featuring Yumi and Woong in an awkward situation. After Yumi came to know about Sae Yi, she waited for an apology from Woong. But he kept giving explanations, and it made her furious. She raised her voice and confronted him. The game developer also failed to control his emotions and talked back to her. At last, Yumi walked out in hopes of hearing his voice, requesting her to stay back.

To her surprise, Woong did not look for her. He never tried to stop her. Yumi waited for his calls and messages, but he did not contact her after the incident. Yumi waited for nearly 18 hours before meeting him. When she saw Sae Yi holding Woong's hands, she got furious. Yumi questioned Sae Yi about her evil intentions, and Woong interrupted them. Seeing Woong trying to stop Yumi from confronting Sae Yi made her sad. Yumi went back after letting her boyfriend know that she could not take it any longer.

Yumi's Cells
A behind-the-scne photo of Yumi's Cell's episode 9. Twitter/tvN

Surprisingly, Woong followed her. The couple cleared up all the misunderstandings and enjoyed time together. Meanwhile, Sae Yi said goodbye to her long-time friends and started job hunting. Although Louis tried to convince Woong to bring back Sae Yi, he could not. The game developer had his reasons to keep a safe distance from his long-time friend.

Towards the end of the episode, Yumi started counting down the days for their second anniversary. While she was thinking about it on a snowy day, Yumi met her colleague, Bobby Yoo. They had a casual chat over a hot coffee before getting back to work.

Yumi's Cells
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Yumi's Cells Episode 10 Spoilers and How to Watch

Bobby is likely to have a role to play in the upcoming chapter of this romantic fantasy web drama. The promo showed him trying to help Yumi and getting into trouble. The footage also showed Yumi struggling with her new task. Probably, all the cells might work together to help her. Will Woong help her?

Watch Yumi's Cell's episode 10 online on KBS to know what lies ahead for Yumi and Woong. This chapter will be available with subtitles online on various Streaming sites, including Viki. The mini-series will return with a new episode on October 16.