The King's Affection Episode 2 Recap, Episode 3 Spoilers, and How to Watch

The King's Affection episode 2 aired on KBS at 9.30 pm KST on October 12. The chapter followed prince Lee Hwi as she struggled to live as her late twin brother. She wanted to give up on this task several times. But Crown Princess forced her to stay back for the sake of her loved ones. Nobody in the palace knew her real identity except Court Lady Kim and Eunuch Hong.

Lee Hwi had many rivals in the palace, including her relatives -- Prince Changwoon and Prince Wonsan. They kept looking out for reasons to let her down in front of the King. With her efforts, the prince always excelled in the things she did. So, it became hard for her rivals to compete with her. And, they started attacking her from behind.

The King's Affection Episode 2 Recap

It all started after Lee Hwi found out about the demise of her twin brother. She blamed herself and thought of running out of the palace. Crown Princess, Eunuch Hong, and Court Lady Kim had to convince her to stay back. As she accepted her faith, another bad news came her way. Jung Ji Jun visited Lee Hwi, and she could not greet him properly because of the circumstances.

Prince Lee Hwi felt sad about it, and she followed his friend. Sadly, she witnessed the death of her close friend, mI Wol. Ji Jun's father killed her because she identified him. The incident affected Kee Hwi badly. She went missing, and the Crown Princess requested her helpers to search inside the palace. Eunuch Hong and Court Lady Kim found Lee Hwi.

The King's Affection
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Prince Lee Hwi looked very weak, and she wanted to give up everything. The Crown Princess understood it, and she took her daughter to a quiet place. Then, she asked her daughter to stay strong. Crown Princess asked her to take revenge on the people who harmed her loved ones.

From that day, Lee Hwi focussed on her new task. She worked hard to earn the trust of the King and other officials. During this time, she also witnessed the demise of her mother. After the Crown Princess bid adieu to all, Eunuch Hong and Court Lady Kim devotee their lives for Lee Hwi. She grew up as a gentleman.

The Hunting Camp

On a sunny day, the King and some officials gathered at the hunting camp to enjoy hunting. As expected, Lee Hwi excelled in every way. Prince Changwoon started taunting Lee Hwi with Prince Wonsan. When Lee Hwi replied, it provoked Changwon. He secretly followed her to attack her when she was alone.

Though Changwoon attacked her, he was shocked to see her feminine appearance and long hair. Lee Hwi's dress untied, and she went to a quiet place. While she was checking her dress, she saw Ji Jun. The upcoming episode will reveal the details of this unexpected meeting with two childhood friends.

The King's Affection
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The King's Affection Episode 3 Spoilers and How to Watch

The chapter will focus on the reunion between Ji Jun and Lee Hwi. The childhood friends might team up against their enemies. According to the promo, Lee Hwi will reveal her true identity to Ji Jun. This episode might show the various challenges faced by the two friends. They could work together in the palace.

Watch the historical romance drama on Monday at 9.30 pm KST. The chapter will air on KBS ON October 18. K-drama fans can either watch it on TV or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel. The chapter will be available with subtitles on Netflix.