Kim Go-eun 'toad ' comment: Singer Solbi responds to online hate attacks

Her reply comes 3 days after Kim Go-eun was verbally abused online for not wearing makeup.

Singer Solbi.

South Korean singer Solbi has hit back at haters on the internet for calling her 'empty-headed.' She responded to the netizens saying one should not be attacked owing to their lack of knowledge regarding something as all life is a growing and learning experience.

As noted by Allkpop, netizens said "Solbi is empty-headed," through JTBC's 'How You Say It' program. The singer responded to such harsh celeb-shaming, saying, "To the people who keep saying that I'm empty-headed, did you know everything when you were born? You learn as you grow. That is what society is for."

The 32-year old singer and actress was civil throughout her reply and never betrayed any form of disgust that she may have been harbouring towards her haters. More interestingly, she also stood up for others bullied because they do not know certain things. "It's not ignorant to say that you don't know something. I feel like that is an act of courage." Certainly it takes guts and a clear mind to admit to a mistake or lack of knowledge. After all, many spend their whole life pretending to know a lot when the opposite is actually true. Sometimes the pretensions become a misguided person's reality.

Through her reply thus, Solbi encouraged others to be truthful and unafraid. There are so many mysteries to life that it is not possible for an individual to know. It is better to accept we know very little than to live with false sense of vanity to gain social approval and acceptance.

Allkpop also notes that having debuted as a singer at a young age of 22, as a member of the singing group Typhoon in 2006, Solbi revealed she didn't have the opportunity to learn certain things due to being exposed to the limelight of the celeb-world. She had had to sacrifice earning certain life lessons for expanding her career. She is young and has enough time to do all that learning.

'Goblin' actor Kim Go-eun was recently criticised for a selfie she posted on Instagram without wearing any makeup. She had uploaded a photo of her relaxing on a hammock with comfortable clothes, looking peaceful, Allkpop had noted. Netizens called her a toad, too plain and plain ugly. Kim Go-eun was obviously too hurt by such extreme reactions from her fans who had loved her so much in 'Goblin' and proceeded to delete her selfie from Instagram.

Net frequenters need to learn that they do not have a right to pass harsh judgements on the lives and decisions of others. The amount of cyber-bullying through body slamming, verbal abuses, threats that are directed by such netizens towards celebrities, points to an alarming trend of social illness. While certain celebrity activities on the internet invite criticism, many comments are just hateful and unwarranted.

This article was first published on February 9, 2017
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