Goblin: Choi Ree shares what it was like to work with Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

Actress Choi Ree says Gong Yoo is a special actor.

Choi Ree
Actress Choi Ree. www.ulent.co.kr

With two more special episodes left to air in February, various actors are sharing their experiences of working in the tvN drama 'Goblin.' Actress Choi Ree who played a small role in the drama, as Ji Eun-tak's elder cousin, spoke about her experience in the drama and working with Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun.

Talking to Allkpop, Choi Ree revealed that she had always liked Gong Yoo and felt privileged to have been given the opportunity to act alongside him. "It was an honor to work with Gong Yoo sunbaenim, whom I've liked since elementary school. We're both celebrities but Gong Yoo sunbaenim amazed me. I could feel that his acting is relaxed. He had something special even when reading one line," she said.

Gong Yoo has always been very popular among women; however, he is also one of the most popular actors in the South Korean entertainment industry. He displayed wonderful range in his acting in 'Goblin,' whether it is tragedy, comedy or action. He brought an incredible childlike simplicity as well as deep pathos to the character of Kim Shin, the immortal Goblin. Even though Lee Dong-wook stole his thunder for a while but in the last few episodes he reclaimed his spot with a powerful performance, especially in the very last episode that his fans will remember for a very long time.

Choi Ree also gushed about working with Kim Go-eun; a wonderful actress in her own right. "Kim Go Eun sunbaenim has a cute charm of her own. She has a lot of aegyo so she created the [fun] atmosphere on set," she said. The report also points out that even though Choi Ree plays Kim Go-eun's elder cousin, she's actually four years younger than her. "It was a bit hard because behind the scenes I would say, 'Ahn nyeong ha sae yo' ('Hello' in formal way), then had to call her 'Yah' (hey) in front of the camera. At first, it was awkward but sunbaenim reached out to me first and treated me comfortably. I'm really thankful," Choi Ree said.

Kim Go-eun is known to be a kind person on set. She had also made sure that actress Park Kyung-hye, who played the virgin ghost in 'Goblin,' gets a birthday wish from Gong Yoo. She had said "Kim Go Eun has a lot of charm, and I fell in love even if I am a woman." In fact, from various behind-the-scenes videos we see Kim Go-eun is always in good spirits and bringing positivity and joy into the busy sets. No one can help but be fond of her.

This article was first published on February 1, 2017