Kayla Greenwell: Daycare Worker Kicks, Yanks and Throws Children; Gets Arrested After Posting Videos on Social Media

Kayla Greenwell, a day care worker, was arrested after she posted videos of abusing children at the Oxon Hill Learning Center, on her social media profile. The 23-year-old was arrested on Friday, two days after she posted the disturbing videos.

Kayla Greenwell,
Kayla Greenwell Twitter

Greenwell Seen Kicking, Yanking Kids in Videos

The videos which were reportedly shot on Wednesday show Greenwell lifting a child by the arm and tossing it on the ground. Another video shows the 23-year-old kicking the chair from under a small boy leading him to fall to the floor. The boy seems to be in pain following the sudden fall.

Another video shows Greenwell throwing a child into a mattress and then kicking the mattress over, causing the girl to fall to the ground. She also recorded herself picking up a child by the shirt and dropping it on a mattress.

NBC News reported that Greenwell was charged with multiple counts of child abuse and assault.

Center Writes Letters to Parents

The Blaze reported that the Oxon Hill Learning Center, located 50 miles from Baltimore, wrote a letter to parents on Friday:

"As many of you know, a disturbing video showing a former employee displaying inappropriate behavior with two children has gone viral on social media. We take seriously the safety of your children; therefore, upon being informed of the video, we immediately took action. The employee was fired. All required hiring requirements were followed, which included a criminal background check and a child abuse check. Both checks came back clear," it read.

Meanwhile the incident drew a lot of ire on social media. "A face like this should never be in a position of trust around small children. The terrible truth is that many people like Kayla Greenwell work in daycare + school settings in this country," wrote a user.

"There's a special place in hell for people who abuse children. #KaylaGreenwell, life as you know it is over. It will be nothing but misery for you from now on. #OxenHillDaycare," wrote another user.

"Now these babies can get justice!!! Kayla Greenwell has been arrested!!! Thank you all for retweeting the video," read a tweet.