Chinese Cop Body Slams Woman and Child to Ground Following Heated Altercation

A Chinese cop was caught on camera body slamming a woman to ground as she held on to her child. The incident reportedly took place in the Songjiang district of Shanghai, in China.

cop body slams
The cop was suspended following the incident. Twitter

Woman Pushed the Cop First

The video, though old, gained momentum after it was shared again on social media. Metro reported that the incident took place in 2017 and it was caught on camera by a bystander.

The 9-second clip, which has garnered over 15.7 million views, shows a woman holding a young child in her arms arguing with a cop on the pavement. The woman appears to be pushing the cop when suddenly he body slams her to the ground. The child too violently gets thrown out of the woman's arms. A bystander is seen rushing to the child's aid who is seen crying uncontrollably following the fall on the hard surface.

According to the outlet, the woman who was finally handcuffed and made to enter the police car, was left with bruises on her face. However, the child did not suffer any injuries. Following the outrage, the erring cop was suspended, reported Metro.

Social Media Enraged

Even though the incident was quite old, it still left many social media users fuming. "Oh my God, the child probably fractured his skull or face from this. What the hell is wrong with this officer!!!???? Any update on child's condition?" wrote a user.

"He body slammed that baby, too. Thank god babies are more resilient," read another tweet.

"Not cool hopefully he is charged but honestly people in general need to listen to law enforcement if they say something shut up and do it don't be back chatting don't be walking up on them," expressed a user.

"Still, that body slam is brutal I hope the baby is ok. The police's action is unacceptable. Assault charges," read another tweet.

"The mom is to blame for this. She intentionally physically assaulted a police officer. Yes, he should have reacted better and what he did was wrong. Glad he's suspended. But if she didn't assault him, he might not have did that. Blame her," expressed another user.