Planning to Target Arab Markets? You Must Check Out These Top 5 UAE Influencers

They are adding value to top glaobal brands with their social media impact

UAE is one of the wealthiest markets in Asia. The country's large population uses social media, influencer marketing has picked up pace in the UAE like never before. Renowned influencers from all walks of life talk about fashion and lifestyle travel and business. They are adding value to various brands to help them attain quick growth. Here are a few of the top Instagram influencers from the UAE who are dazzling on social media in 2023.

Huda Kattan

A successful entrepreneur, makeup artist, and prominent influencer, Hooda has more than 56 million followers on Instagram. She is the founder of the renowned cosmetics brand Hooda Beauty. Her page is ideal for make-up lovers. She gives fantastic tips on how to nail different make-up looks. She even makes comparison videos of cosmetics to give practical knowledge on which product is better to use.

Huda kattan

Sheikh Hamdan

Emirati royal and politician Sheikh Hamdan has 15.8 million followers on Instagram. An incredibly good-looking young man, he generally posts about his farms, family life, travels, and political events. His sharp looks and attractive personality and fit physique make him compete with any top movie actor and his posts exhibit his royal character by default.

Sheikhk Hamdan

Joelle Mardinian

Celebrity mom entrepreneur and influencer, Joelle Mardinian has 21 million followers on Instagram. This stunning mom generally posts about her travel. Professional women with families and kids can instantly connect with her. She is also an inspiration for many with 6 successful businesses. She promotes brands like Dabdub, Atiel Zohra, and her own businesses on Instagram.


Ahlam Al Shamsi

She is an artist a YouTube content creator and a successful Instagram influencer with 15 million followers. One of the most prominent vocalists from the UAE Ahlam has won over people's hearts with her melodious voice and charismatic personality. She promotes brands like DKHoon AlEmiritia, Boutiqaat, and many others.


Lojain Omran

Saudi Arabian TV presenter and social media personality Lojain Omran is our final entry in the list of top influencers in UAE. The beautiful and prominent social media queen has 10.5 million followers on Instagram. Her vibrant persona is bound to attract anyone who scrolls through her profile. She endorses Bulgari, Atelier Zuhra, and many other high-end brands.

lojain omran