Eliza Rose Watson: Homeless Model Who Stole from Mom to Buy Drugs Raking in $1M by Posting Nudes on OnlyFans

Watson, took up the job of a teacher after quitting drugs and alcohol, but soon left to join OnlyFans where she regularly posts her nudes for her fans.

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A former model, who became homeless and turned alcoholic and drug addict, and started stealing money from her mother to buy drugs, decided to join OnlyFans and is now raking up millions of dollars. Eliza Rose Watson, 31, decided to join OnlyFans at the end of 2019 after years of drug and alcohol abuse and after having left a teaching job to earn more cash.

Watson says she got everything in life after joining OnlyFans where she regularly posts her raunchy snaps. So much so that in the first 12 months she made more than $1 million by posting her nudes on the adult website. She now credits the site with keeping her on the straight and narrow, as well as helping her escape homelessness, with the stunning model now set to buy her dream home.

Homeless to Millionaire

After graduating from university with a degree in psychology in 2016, Watson started modeling, enjoying the freedom of fast cash and constant partying. However, her life changed soon after she started dabbling with cocaine and other drugs.

She would also often stay out all night long and go on benders that would last for days. Things soon took to extreme levels. Between the ages of 23 and 27, her drug use and drinking escalated and she nearly lost everything.

Watson soon started losing her modeling assignments and eventually ran out of money. This made her often "lie, cheat and steal" to buy alcohol and drugs. She would also regularly shoplift alcohol, beg from strangers and taking pay checks without doing the work.

"There were quite a few times I'd get paid before a job and then just not turn up or call in sick and then never speak to them again," she said. "Any money I could get went on getting alcohol or cocaine."

So much so, that she even stole money from her own mom to feed her habits. "I had no shame. I thought nothing of brazenly walking up to people and asking them for 20p – telling them I needed to get the bus home or use the payphone," says the Brit model.

"Once I was so desperate for a drink I put up a post on Facebook about not being able to sleep because there was a spider in my bedroom," said Watson, adding that she soon became homeless and would crash out at friends' houses or sleep on random people's couches.

Life Takes U-Turn

That was the worst phase of her life but things started changing after that. Watson said that she managed to pick herself after a friend suggested her to join an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. "She turned up at my door one day and I was so tired that I went with her," she said. It was difficult for her but she decided to attend all the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and followed the 12-step program to recovery.

Soon life got back to normal. Given that she was a student of psychology, Watson also found a job as a teacher with kids aged two to four which she really loved. However, she wasn't making money and she already had to pay back a lot of people. "The job was perfect but I wasn't making enough money.

And then she took the plunge. "I wanted to be able to pay my mum back the cash I'd stolen from her and others, and be able to stand on my own two feet." So, finally in December 2019, Watson launched an OnlyFans page to top up her salary.

She initially didn't make much as she was posting her old modeling photos. From the third month, she decided to be more adventurous. That was also the time when the pandemic started. She started posting her nudes and in the first month of the pandemic made $1.4 million.

Watson also regularly posts her raunchy photos on her Instagram account for 928,000 followers. Her saucy posts today had made her one of the most sought-after models on OnlyFans. Since joining OnlyFans, Watson has left her teaching job, and credits the site for keeping her "sane" during lockdown and encouraging her to stay fit and healthy, as well as staying off the booze and drugs.

"And it wasn't just wanting to stay fit to earn money from the site, I love being able to talk to my fans. I have about 10 to 15 regulars who I chat with every day. Despite what many people think about OnlyFans it's not all sexy talk," she said.

Eliza Rose works Monday to Sunday, often 16 hours a day, talking to fans aged between 20 and 60 and enjoys doing that. These fans also include women, who equally admire her. Thanks to OnlyFans, Watson, once homeless, is now raking in the cash and planning to buy herself a luxurious property in the UK.