K-Drama Star Lee Jong Suk Suffers From Scopophobia, Considers it His Worst Enemy

Lee Jong Suk has fear of attention. Here is why the actor is always seen wiping off his sweat in public, quite often

Chocolate hero of k-dramas, Lee Jong Suk has a phobia and considers this fear as his worst enemy. The While You Were Sleeping, Doctor Stranger actor revealed what scares him the most. You will be shocked to know how he manages to perform celebrity tasks with this fear. Here are details about Lee Jong Suk's phobia.

Lee Jong Suk suffers from Scopophobia, which means fear of getting attention. The moment people gather in large numbers and pay attention, the actor becomes nervous. In fact, whenever Lee Jong Suk attends press conferences, he is seen wiping off his sweat. He looks all fine when he arrives for an event including press conferences, but as soon as he sees the number of people increasing around him, he instantly gets nervous and tries to evade the camera as he wipes off his sweat.

Lee Jong Sun Grabs Park Bo Young's Coat

Lee Jong Suk
South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk is scared of getting attention from people. Instagram

When he won the Daesang award and received the honor on stage, he was so nervous that he grabbed fellow actress Park Bo Young's coat as his hands were shivering and he didn't want to look terrified in front of the camera. His behavior was obvious also during the press conference of the drama I Hear Your Voice in 2013. When his fellow actors who were enjoying the pep talk with the media, Lee Jong Suk was seen wiping off his sweat while looking nervous.

When he won the grand prize during MBC awards in 2016 for his performance in W, he became nervous while delivering the winning speech. He kept it short but the anchor stopped him and asked for a few more words. Lee Jong Suk then revealed that he already took two relaxing pills, but it looked like it was not working. And he again said thank you and ended his speech.

A celebrity is always in the eyes of the people, even when he/she is not with them. Celebrities hardly have a private life as it is very difficult to get away from fans even while traveling. Thus, Lee Jong Suk had to work hard to keep his phobia under control.

Reports claim that Lee Jong Suk has this phobia since his childhood and consciously tried hard not to let it affect his acting when he decided to enter the entertainment field. Lee Jong Suk is currently serving his military term and his enlistment is expected to end in January 2021. Romance is a Bonus Book opposite Lee Na Young was Jong Suk's latest drama.