Backstreet Rookie Spoilers and Live Stream Details; 4 Things to Know Before Episode 1

From the new premiere date to the character details of Ji Chang Wook, here are four things to know about Backstreet Rookie before the telecast of episode 1

The premiere of upcoming SBS drama Backstreet Rookie has pushed to a new date. It is because of a delay in the telecast of The King: Eternal Monarch finale that will broadcast on June 12. The first episode of this romantic comedy-drama will air on SBS Friday, June 19, at 10 p.m. KST. The drama stars Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung in lead roles.

In the mini-series, Chang Wook portrays a convenience store manager named Choi Dae Hyun. Meanwhile, Joo Yong features the part-time employee Jung Saet Byul. Other lead characters in the show are Dae Hyun's former boss and girlfriend Yoo Yeon Joo (portrayed by Han Sun Hwa), as well as the director and convenience store owner's son Jo Seung Jun (played by Do Sang Woo).

The television drama will revolve around the complicated relationships between these four characters. The lead cast members and the production team for this show have shared tidbits of information about it through various interviews and teasers. Let's check out the four important things about the romantic comedy thriller the viewers should know before its premiere.

Who is Choi Dae Hyun?

Backstreet Rookie
Ji Chang Wook as Choi Dae Hyun in upcoming SBS drama Backstreet Rookie SBS

The funny and innocent store manager will be one of the interesting characters in the drama who will keep the viewers glued to the screens. The character is clumsy, and he can be petty at times, according to Chang Wook. The actor also said his character is a bit indecisive, and he has a cute side. Though he can be frustrating at times, he is very simple and pure about both love and work, the actor added.

"I wanted to work with director Lee Myung Woo, and I was attracted to the special atmosphere of the convenience store. I wanted to do a good job of portraying the way Dae Hyun spends his youth in the convenience store, and I had a feeling I'd have fun building the character Dae Hyun," Soompi quoted Chang Wook.

How is Jung Saet Byul Different?

Backstreet Rookie
Actress Kim Yoo Jung as Jung Saet Byul in new SBS drama Backstreet Rookie. SBS

The part-time employee is loyal to her work, and she is a lovable character with a friendly nature, according to Yoo Jung. The actress said her character will mature as she interacts with the customers in the convenience store. She will comfort many people and grow eventually in the process, the actress added.

In Backstreet Rookie, Yoo Jung will enjoy an onscreen friendship with co-stars Seo Ye Hwa and Yoon Soo. The trio will be known as the three musketeers of Balgwang Girls' High Schools, according to the producers. They also revealed that these three characters will boost the drama's vitality.

Who Are the Supporting Cast Members?

Backstreet Rookie
A poster of upocming SBS drama Backstreet Rookie. SBS

Um Moon Suk will portray a webtoon writer and Dae Hyun's close friend Han Dal Shik in the drama. Meanwhile, Ahn Sol Bin will play the role of Saet-Byul's younger sister Jung Eun Byul. Veteran actor Lee Byung Joon and actress Kim Sun Young are also part of Backstreet Rookie cast as Dae Hyun's parents.

Other supporting cast members of this mini-series are Lee Yoon Hee, Woo Hyun, Bae Gi Bum, Kyeon Mi Ri, Ji Chan, Shin Yoon Jung, and Lee Ju Ha. The television drama will also feature Kim Min Kyu in a guest role as Saet Byul's elementary school friend Kang Ji Wook.

How to Watch Backstreet Rookie Live Online?

The romantic comedy thriller will premiere on SBS Friday, June 19, at 10 p.m. KST. K-Drama fans can watch the show by tuning in to the channel every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST. Every episode of the mini-series will also be made available on SBS' official website. Korean drama lovers from across the globe can also watch the drama with sub-titles on various streaming sites.