The World of the Married Finale Smashes Own Record [Behind The Scenes Video]

The World of the Married has come to an end by breaking its own record with highest ratings of all time in the history of Cable TV network

The World of the Married has become the highest-rated Cable TV drama beating Sky Castle and its own record of viewership. The penultimate episode aired on May 15 recorded over 24 percent viewership, soaring the popularity of the drama.

The final episode (episode 16) aired on May 16 further increased the ratings of the drama, making it the highest-rated drama ever in the history of Cable TV. In the final episode, the drama also known as Couples World recorded 28.37 percent nationwide and 31.66 percent worldwide (according to AGB Nielsen). With this, the drama broke its own record created with episode 15 (24.44 percent and 27.98 percent respectively).

The World of the Married is a remake of BBC drama Doctor Foster. The story depicts how Ji Sun Woo, once a happy person much in love with her husband Lee Tae-Oh turns tables after coming to know of cheating and obsession with her husband. Strong portrayal of characters is the biggest strength of the drama well executed by lead performers Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon.

Making history, surpassing Sky Castle

The World of the Married Korean drama

The drama created history with its 12th episode as it surpassed Sky Castle to become the highest-rated drama in the history of cable TV network on May 2.

In fact, Mike Barlett, the writer of the original drama Doctor Foster praised The World of the Married and said that the success of the drama was impressive. "They successfully unfolded the story of a woman's life after a divorce. If there's a little bit of a good effect, or if people can share many conversations through a drama, there's no more joy than that," he said.

Inside stories about Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon

With the drama coming to an end with a bang, the fans are waiting to hear inside stories including behind the scenes videos. The lead cast Park Hae Joon had said in an interview that he had almost said no to The World of the Married once. In fact, he hesitated a lot because of the weight the character carried. But his friend, director Byun Young Joo convinced him to do the drama. The secret to Kim Hee Ae's strong portrayal is that she always thinks of her role as the last chance she will have.

Though the characters were at loggerheads with complicated relationships and the characters portrayed these emotions with utmost seriousness, the behind the scenes video shows the jolly mood while shooting. Watch the video below to see how the cast reacts to the serious scenes and how they treat each other on the sets.

This article was first published on May 17, 2020