JUST IN: Crypto Whale Buys 129 Million HEX Tokens Worth $28 Million

A mysterious Ethereum (ETH) whale has just bought 129 million HEX coins worth $28 million. This piece of information has been shared by WhaleStats - the top 1000 Ethereum richlist, on Twitter. "An ETH whale just bought 129,547,116 $hex ($28,133,229 USD)," the tweet read on WhaleStats official handle.

Ranked #102 on WhaleStats, this crypto whale with the wallet address 0x2fd56159f4c8664a1de5c75e430338cfa58cd5b9 holds a massive $29,357,822
value in ERC-20 tokens with most of the tokens being HEX.

According to the transaction details shared by WhaleStats, this whale also holds cryptos such as Ether, OMGToken and Uniswap, other than HEX token. This huge crypto transaction took place at a time when HEX slumped -11.27% in a 24-hour trade with a market cap of $36,728,548,594.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency

In December, the price of bullish-rated HEX (HEX) went up to $0.3118126481 while the broader crypto market was drastically falling.

Moreover, in 2021, HEX for the first 118 days of the year went sideways before making a massive bull run of +3,500%. Now crypto investors are of the opinion that the HEX token could see another bull run by April 2022, if history can repeat itself.

Earlier, this month another whale had bought HEX worth a massive 1.6 million USD moving the market and pumping it to over 32.5% in a single momentum.

So, investors who are aware of the history of HEX's price could make use of the HEX price dip as several whales have picked up the token whenever it slumped.

HEX current price

At the time of publishing, the price of HEX dipped up to -62.07% since its All-Time High two months ago. HEX was trading at $0.2123, down by -10.84% while its trading volume was 30,325,069, up by +43.49%, according to CoinMarketCap.

The global crypto market cap is currently $2.07T, which is up by +0.62% over the 24 hours and the total crypto market volume has increased by 4.19% making it worth a $64.27B.

International Business Times advices crypto enthusiasts and investors to be well aware of the latest cryptocurrency trends and not fall for any trading rumors doing rounds on social media.

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This article was first published on January 17, 2022