HEX Gets Listed on Crypto Asset Platform Poloniex, Could its Price Propel Further?

Crypto asset exchange Poloniex has listed HEX on its platform and investors can begin depositing the crypto into their Poloniex account. The founder of HEX, Richard Heart shared the news on his Twitter handle saying, ''HEX was just listed on Poloniex. They have fiat onramps!''

Poloniex's message about listing HEX read, ''New listing: HEX. We're excited to welcome HEX to Poloniex today! Starting now, wallets are open and you can begin depositing HEX into your Poloniex account. Full trading for HEX with a USDT pair: HEX/USDT will be enabled at 10:00 AM UTC today.''

HEX listed on Poloniex trading exchange platform

The listing is among the first centralized exchanges getting HEX on their platform. The crypto was mostly available for purchase in decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Meta Mask among others. Investors who hold Poloniex can now buy and sell the crypto with the ease of a button than go on tedious steps to purchase them via exchange swaps.

HEX 'Price Doubling' Every 48 Days Comes to an End

HEX was arguably the only crypto that doubled in price every 48 days since its inception in December 2019. To make it clear, the crypto has so far 13 times doubled in price approximately every 48-trading days.

Nonetheless, it's unique feature came to an end as it failed to double in price during the last week of October, 2021. In return, the crypto slumped drastically as whales indulged in profit bookings making its price dip.

While it reached its all time high of $0.51 during the first week of September, HEX is now trading at $0.18.

HEX's whale bot reported several whale transactions that sold their holdings and booked profits. However, the corrections seem to be healthy as it is normal for investors to sell their portfolio and take their profits out.

Several investors believe that HEX is available for purchase at a discount and are adding bags of coins to their holdings. They believe it will deliver the desired results in the coming months as all it knows is 'to go up'.

At the time of publishing, HEX was trading at $0.18 and is down -0.18% in the days trade. The crypto has shot up +4,249.9% in 365-trading days.