Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon Start Filming for Star-Studded Drama 'Jiri Mountain'

It's being directed by Lee Eung Bok of Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, and Mr Sunshine fame Kim Eun Hee of Kingdom has been roped in as screenwriter

The star studded production team has started the shooting of the drama Jiri Mountain starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hyun as the lead pair. The tvN drama has been dubbed as highly anticipated series and will be aired in the first half of 2021.

The broadcasting network tvN stated that the cast began the filming of Jiri Mountain on September 19. It also assured that all safety measures have been taken by the entire and cast and crew of the drama. Here is why the drama is one of the most expected dramas of 2021.

All About Risking Lives

One of the top stars of Legend Of The Blue Sea fame, Jun Ji Hyun plays the lead role opposite Ju Ji Hoon of another hit series of this year, Hyena. Sung Dong Il of the Cursed drama and Oh Jung Se of It's Okay To Not be Okay fame play major roles in the adventure drama.

Jun Ji Hyun  Ju Ji Hoon
Jun Ji Hyun is playing the lead role opposite Ju Ji Hoon in the upcoming drama Jiri Mountain. Instagram

Jiri Mountain is about the story of the people who are trained to protect the lives of the trekkers who explore the areas around the Jirisan National Park. The plot revolves around the stories of trekkers who get into trouble trying to be adventurous around unexplored areas of the park. It is mainly about how the park rangers risk their lives to rescue the trekkers who are lost and are in danger.

Jun Ji Hyun plays the mountain ranger Seo Yi-gang, Ju Ji Hoon plays the mysterious rookie ranger Kang Hyun Jo, Sung Dong Il plays branch director Cho Dae Jin and Oh Jung Se plays the role of the peculiar ranger Jung Gu Yeong. Not only the cast but the production has the top most drama creators.

High Hopes on 'Jiri Mountain'

The drama is being directed by Lee Eung Bok of Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, and Mr Sunshine fame. Kim Eun Hee of Netflix's Kingdom fame has been roped in as the screenwriter. These two names and the fame around them is the reason why people have high hopes on Jiri Mountain.

Elaborating on the safety measures taken by the crew in terms of COVID-19 pandemic, it is said that the entire cast and crew is practising the quarantine rules. The channel tvN shared that the filming has been started and the safety of all actors and staff is being considered as the priority.