Lee Min Ho's Latest IG Post Indicates He is Missing Someone? Is That Kim Go Eun?

The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho's latest video on Instagram has made his fans wonder if he is lonely.

The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho has updated his Instagram account. The latest video uploaded by the star features pouring rain shot from inside the car with My Love By My Side by Shin Ji Hoon playing in the background.

Lee Min Ho
South Korean Hallyu Star Lee Min Ho's latest Instagram post has made his fans go crazy. Instagram

The latest video of rain and sand song has amassed 1,872,484 views in just three hours of the actor posting it on Instagram (IG). Currently, he has 18.3 million followers on Instagram.

My Love By My Side

Thus every post on his IG gets huge reactions and fans keep waiting for the star to update his IG. After the drama got over, Min Ho had posted his birthday video and photographs of him meeting Woo Do Hwan, his co-star in the previous drama, who is all set to leave for his military service.

The latest IG post is the video where Lee Min Ho is not seen but the song My Love By My Side playing with rain pouring in the foreground. The song is about someone missing his love and questioning why his love was not coming despite the promise made.

Between the soft thorns

I feel like I'm alone

It hurts so much, do you even remember?

My love, please be with me

You're the only one in this world

During these hard days, if you leave me

I will have nowhere to go as I sway, a part of the song's lyrics states.

The song My Love By My Side has also been sung by IU (Lee Ji Ho.) The entire song indicates loneliness, endless wait and the feeling of being hurt.

It looks like Lee Min Ho is missing someone close to him. Though he did not specify who he was referring to, fans still want to believe that he misses Kim Go Eun, his partner in the drama The King: Eternal Monarch.

Fans' Understanding of Lee Min Ho's IG Posts

The reason why fans keep trying to link Lee Min Ho with Kim Go Eun is the fact that Kim Go Eun is the first female actor who found space on Lee Min Ho's IG. Apart from his mother, the Legend of the Blue Sea actor had not posted the photo of any female actor before posting Kim Go Eun's photo from the sets of The King Eternal Monarch on his Instagram account.

Thus his current video showing only the rain and the song My Love By My Side is being interpreted as Lee Min Ho is lonely and is missing someone, probably Kim Go Eun.

After The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho has not announced his next project. Thus fans are trying to get the message through his IG posts but it looks like the actor is taking time to decide on his next. Meanwhile, one of his IG posts where he is seen reading some papers made fans assume that he is currently reading scripts.

However, there are no updates on the work front from Lee Min Ho yet. The King: Eternal Monarch aired its last episode on June 12 this year. The shooting was completed on May 28. Though the drama failed to cross 10 percent ratings, it was a huge hit in terms of online viewers (Netflix) and resulted in an increase of more than 4 million viewers to Lee Min Ho's IG account.