Joe Biden's Eye Color Has Changed From Blue to Black? Body Double or Surgery? Conspiracy Theories

The conspiracy theory surrounding a body double being used in place of US President Joe Biden resurfaced after 'internet sleuths' found a change in the Biden's eye color. Users claimed that his pupils have changed from its original blue color.

In a post made on Facebook by a user reveals two pictures of Biden composed in one. The text accompanying the picture reads, "Something just doesn't seem right... because It's not. P.S. Eyes don't normally change color with age."

biden eye color
The viral image claiming that US President Joe Biden's eye color has changed. Twitter

Has Biden Undergone Some Surgery?

Sharing the image on Instagram, the user, passionatepeacefulpatriot, wrote, "We should discuss this. Some say it's not the same man. Some say "he's had plastic surgery", or "it's the aging process". Share thoughts but be respectful of one another. This isn't a place to attack, I'm not down with that on my page."

Another user while sharing the same image on Facebook wrote, "This right here is why I don't even discuss politics with anyone anymore. People can't even see that the Biden we see now is absolutely not the same Biden we have seen the last 50 years... Eye color doesn't change with age. It couldn't be more obvious #WereAllBeingPlayed."

Soon there were several others were talking about the change in Biden's eye color. "Does Joe Biden have blue eyes or brown eyes? Has his eye color changed? Things that make you wonder," tweeted a user as other added, "Joe's got a new doo and a new face! Not the same Biden! Eyes, chin, ears, eye color ALL different from O'Biden days. Strange!"

"Yes...stunt double :). I don't know who this clown is, but his ears, eye color, and facial ratios are close but not identical to the "Joe Biden" we know. Wonder if Whitey Bulger had original killed and inserted a body-double they'd been grooming via surgery and voice lessons," wrote another.

Biden Has the Same Eye Color

Debunking the conspiracy theory Reuters stated that Biden's eyes remain blue and the photo in circulation does not prove he has been "replaced".

Claiming that the pictures used in the viral pictures are from a different time line spanning few years, the outlet reported that the eye color remains mostly constant throughout a person's lifetime and can appear to change due to illusions in lighting and colors around the person.

It isn't the first time the that US President has been embroiled in the controversy of having a body double. Earlier, Biden's earlobes had become the subject of much speculation on social media with users pushing an unfounded conspiracy theory that he has been using a body double to make appearances at certain public events. The rumors started swirling after social media users started noticing what they believe were differences in the former Vice President's earlobes.