Joe Biden Issued Arrest Warrant For Treason, Fraud, Trafficking and Pedophilia; Here is TRUTH

A viral document claimed to be an arrest warrant issued for US President-elect Joe Biden is found to be fake. The hoax claim which has been in circulation since last month states that Biden is wanted for questioning in a number of incidents including the death of John F Kennedy Jr.' and child trafficking.

Recently, a fake claim went viral stating that former US President Barack Obama leaked classified information to China and was arrested on the charges of espionage.

Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden Wikimedia commons

Who Issued the Fake Arrest Warrant For Joe Biden?

The image of the fake arrest warrant for Biden, which went viral, states that the president-elect is wanted for questioning in a case related to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr., treason, fraud, human trafficking, pedophillia, and crimes against humanity.

The 'warrant' further instructs that Biden be arrested and detained at Guantanamo Bay Detention facility. The bogus arrest warrant was signed by Cindy K. Currier of the 'Court of Ages.'

arrest warrant
The fake arrest warrant issued for President-elect Joe Biden. Twitter

The document first appeared on YouTube on Nov. 13 in a video titled 'ARREST WARRANT 2020-11-13.1 Joseph Biden, Jr.' In the video, Currier reads out the document. However, 'Court of Ages' isn't present in real world but is rather a figment of Currier's imagination.

The USA Today reported that the arrest warrant carries a seal that reads "Heirs of Creation Court of Ages," and is signed by Currier. The website for the 'Court of Ages' states that it was established in 2013 and "works to restore personal and national integrity to the original Heirs and Guardians of Earth."

"The Court recognizes humanity as sole Heirs of Creation and brings action by Natural Law to defend their rights and protect their inheritance," it explains.

Currier Had Also Issued an Arrest Warrant for Donald Trump

According to Snopes, this is not the first time that Currier has played the bogus claim. She had also posted a similar bogus arrest warrant for President Donald Trump. The video of the fake claim being made by the YouTuber had gone viral on the social media platforms.

In a separate video, Currier claimed that Court of Ages was a 'universal court,' and not a US court. She also insisted that the warrants were issued in accordance with a 2014 trial titled Heirs of Creation v. United States Corporation, then sent to the world court located in The Hague, Netherlands.

However, the International Court of Justice, however, has no record of any such case in 2014 or thereafter, reported the outlet.