Jet CEO Arrested For Sex Trafficking Minors; Asked Client to Lace Kids With Drugs and Drinks Before Sex

Paul Alexander is a registered sex offender who was first arrested in the year 1996 for sexual assault

Ending a months-long undercover investigation, a 57-year-old CEO of a private jet company was arrested for sex trafficking young kids throughout New York City. Paul Alexander, a registered sex offender, was charged by the NYPD on multiple counts of sex trafficking minors.

Alexander is the first person to be charged under the newly enacted crime of Sex Trafficking of a Child, which was introduced to strengthen prosecutors' ability to hold sex traffickers accountable. The alleged accused was charged by AG Letitia James, who said that there is nothing more reprehensible than sexually exploiting a child.

Operation 'Mile High' Started in March After a Victim's Complaint

Paul Alexander
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In a statement issued following Alexander's arrest the AG Office stated that 'Operation Mile High' was launched to sex offender after a minor girl reported against him to the NYPD. In her complaint the minor accused Alexander of sexually abusing her and other underage girls, and pushing them into prostitution with other clients.

Daily Mail reported that during the investigations, undercover agents used covert recording devices and social media to nab the accuse. He was finally arrested after he struck a deal with an undercover police officer, posing as client, and charged him $300 for sex with a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old child. The statement revealed that apart from encouraging the undercover cop to have sex with the minors, Alexander also advised that he should make the victims use marijuana and alcohol for easy cooperation.

Alexander Registered as Sex Offender Since 20 years

Alexander, who describes himself as the high-flying CEO of Central Jet Charter on LinkedIn, was earlier convicted of first-degree sexual abuse and possession of child pornography. Registered as a Level 3 sex offender he was first arrested in 1996 nearly six years after he sexually assaulted a female. In 2003 he was convicted of possession of an obscene performance by a child who was known to him.

Speaking to the New York Post, Alexander's neighbor, Dan Santiago said that his apartment was a hub of strange activity. "I would always see him with little girls up there. It was never one person coming out of the apartment, it was always like a group. I found that suspicious. He was doing something up there for sure," he added.

Another neighbor told the outlet that the accused would roam around a school in Fordham Heights. "He stays by the McDonald's, [on Fordham Road] that's where he finds them. That's where he would pick up those kids. There is a high school around there, he would go there and be waiting on them," the outlet quoted the neighbor.