Jinny's Kitchen Episode 5 How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Jinny's Kitchen episode 5 will introduce a furious restaurant owner to the viewers when the show returns on tvN Friday, March 24, at 8.50 pm KST. Lee Seo Jin seems stressed out because they did not make a profit during weekdays. The staff prepared a lot for the fourth day since they ran out of ingredients on the third day. But only a few people visited the place on the fourth day. The dip in sales affected Seo Jin badly. Will the team face the same problem on the fifth day?

People in Korea can watch the variety show on TVing to find out if Seo Jin and the team will meet their sales target on the fifth day. Viewers from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, can watch the program with subtitles on Amazon Prime Video. People from countries like India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, and Europe may have to wait longer to watch the variety show on the OTT platform. The program will be released on the platform at a later date.

The fifth episode of the variety show will be released worldwide on Friday, March 24, at 8.50 pm KST (6.50 am EST). The total run time of the chapter will be approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. International viewers can expect the episode to drop with English subtitles.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 5
Jinny's Kitchen Episode 5 teaser image Twitter/tvN Joy

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 5 Spoilers

Seo Jin walked on eggshells on the fourth day. He expected customers after seeing the rush at the weekend. So, the restaurant owner asked the team to prepare a lot. So they don't run off of ingredients, like on the third day. Park Seo Joon, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and BTS member V (Kim Tae Hyung) prepared to welcome the customers. But only a few people visited the place.

Seo Jin did not know what to do with the food they prepared. He asked Woo Shik to distribute flyers. Since it was a weekday, he did not meet many people near the lake. Seo Jin gradually started losing his cool. He asked the team to have the food for dinner and finish them. Yumi and Woo Shik lost their appetite after hearing it.

The preview of episode 5 shows the team struggling with the business. Seo Jin will send the two interns to the market the next day. They enjoy some time together as they get things from the market. The video shows Seo Jin getting furious with the interns when they tell him about visiting a cloth shop. Watch Jinny's Kitchen episode 5 to find out if the team will make some profit on the fifth day of work.

The teaser images hint at an evening rush on the fourth day. Seo Jin's blurred dimples will be back after seeing the tables filled with customers a few hours before their closing time. They might meet their target towards the end of the day.

Here is a Preview of Jinny's Kitchen Episode 5