Lovesome Festival 2023: How to Watch, Date, Venue, Lineup, and More

Lovesome Festival 2023 will take place as a two-day event in April. It is a unique music festival, which will be based on a book. It will be held in association with YES24, an online bookstore, and an online ticketing platform.

The music festival will focus on the bestselling novel Uncomfortable Convenience Store by Kim Ho Yeon this year. The performances will be based on the book. Previously, the event was held at outdoor libraries. The visitors could read books and enjoy the music festival. The roads were decorated with several book-inspired quotes.

The organizers shared the lineup for this year on Monday, March 20. It includes ATEEZ, EXO member Baekhyun, Lee Sung Yoon, and Jung Seung Hwan. Here is a complete guide to Lovesome Festival 2023, including the date, venue, lineup, ticket sales, and live streaming details.

Date and Venue

The music festival will take place at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Songpa District on April 22 and 23.

Lovesome Festival 2023
Lovesome Festival 2023 poster Instagram/Lovesome Festival 2023


Xikers, TOUCHED, ATEEZ, Lacuna, TANAKA, MELOMANCE, Lee Juck, Jukjae, and Ha Hyunsang will perform on Saturday, April 22. EXO member Baekhyun, Gaho, Roy Kim, msftz, BTOB, SORAN, Lee Seung Yoon, You Chaehoon, Jung Seung Hwan, and Heyman will take the stage on Sunday, April 23.

"Rookie boy group debuting on the 30th xikers, Korea's representative romantic artist Ha Hyunsang, a heart-warming band touched, appealing all-rounder musician Gaho, As a member of EXO and a solo artist, the one-top solo that let you hear the music Baekhyun, the festival's prince and all-around entertainer band Soran, and singer-songwriter who sings with the world Lee Seung Yoon are included in the final lineup of performers," the organizers stated.

Ticket Sales

The tickets for the upcoming music festival are available on the official website of YES24. The price for a one-day ticket is KRW 99,000 (approximately US$ 76).