COVID-19 Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction For a Long Time, Says Medical Expert

'We're going to, unfortunately, see more and more of these long-term negative consequences of infection,' says Dr. Dena Grayson

The global pandemic COVID-19 effects might hamper the sexual capabilities in men by causing erectile dysfunction, hints medical expert. Erectile dysfunction is being included as one of the long-term side effects as the virus causes issues in the vasculature.

Mayo Clinic defined erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction include trouble getting an erection, issues maintaining an erection, and reduced sexual desire.

'Virus Leaves Long Term, Life-Long Complications'

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The startling revelation was made by Dr Dena Grayson, an infectious disease expert, while speaking with LX News. Stating that even for a mild case, people could suffer long-term issues with erectile dysfunction, Dr Grayson said, "We now know that people can have long term health effects from this virus, neurologic complications, and now, for men who are watching this — there is some real concern here that men could have long term issues of erectile dysfunction from this virus, because we know that it causes issues in the vasculature."

"This is something that is of real concern," Grayson added, noting the illness can have "long term, life long, potentially, complications." Speaking about the long-term negative consequences of infection, the medical expert said that the vast majority of people do seem to recover from this virus, but as time goes on, and more and more people are infected, 'we're going to unfortunately see more and more of these long-term negative consequences of infection.'

Social Media Calls for Increased Precautions Against COVID-19

In an article, Journal of Endocrinological Investigation found that erectile dysfunction might not be an urgent concern as of now, but it has been a common issue for the COVID-19 survivors. "Despite being a trivial matter for patients in intensive care units (ICUs), erectile dysfunction (ED) is a likely consequence of COVID-19 for survivors, and considering the high transmissibility of the infection and the higher contagion rates among elderly men, a worrying phenomenon for a large part of affected patients," stated the Journal.

Some of the long-term effects of COVID-19 reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include brain fog, intermittent fever, heart palpitations, lung function abnormalities and acute kidney injury. However, erectile dysfunction isn't included so far. The recent concern raised by the medical expert definitely caused panic on social media with many urging to follow precautions and wearing masks.

"A possible side effect from Covid for penis-owners is erectile dysfunction. So like... yeah you might survive, but you could be stuck with a limp dick. Keep that in mind next time you bitch about wearing a mask," wrote a user. "If they knew that Covid-19 causes long term erectile dysfunction last spring, we probably wouldn't be seeing many of these anti-mask rallies now," wrote another.

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