Arkansas Officer Shoots, Kills Family's Pet Dog After 'Trespassing' Into Their House [GRAPHIC]

An Arkansas sheriff's deputy fatally shot a family's pet dog after visiting the wrong house while performing a sex offender compliance check.

An Arkansas sheriff is under investigation after he was accused of fatally shooting a family's pet dog while searching for a sex offender in the wrong house.

On Nov. 9, Faulker County Sheriff's Office Investigator James Freeman was performing a "sex offender compliance check" in Greenbrier when he accidentally went to the wrong house and shot the family's three-year-old Terrier mix.

Coiner, the owner of the house, filmed the interaction with the officer before posting the video on Facebook, accusing Freeman of trespassing on his property and killing his dog, Clide. Coiner claimed Freeman shot Clide in the head.

Arkansas officer fatally shoots dog
Still from the video that was shared by Chris Coiner on Facebook. Facebook

"My son has been calling for his best friend "Clide" all day long for two days," Coiner wrote in a Facebook post last Tuesday. "If ANYBODY is concerned about the actions and accountability of officer Freeman yesterday. That came on my land yesterday trespassing and Shot our family pet for barking at him and is on duty today nothing has been done."

Coiner also shared photos of his son playing with Clide in addition to an image of the canine's corpse in what appears to be the trunk of his car.

'You Shot and Killed My Dog'

In the video shot by Coiner in the aftermath of the shooting, a lifeless black and white dog can be seen on the ground before Coiner can be heard asking the officer to identify himself.

"Wait right there. What is your name? What's your name?" Coiner asks the investigator.

"I'm investigator Freeman with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office...I'm looking for Samuel," Freeman responded.

"At what address?" Coiner asked. "72 A," Freeman answered.

"That's over there you goddamn moron. Get off my property! You shot and killed my dog!" Coiner says before yelling obscenities at the deputy, who then retreats to his dark blue Dodge Ram truck..

Watch the video below:

"My daughter was coming to the door and said somebody was in the driveway," Coiner recounted to ABC 7. "Just a blue pickup, unmarked."

"Before I was even around the corner here, I heard a shot, and the officer had shot my dog right here in the yard for barking at him," he added. "My girlfriend watched it out the window, the dog was not attacking him, the dog was barking, in my yard, on private property."

The Faulkner County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Freeman was being internally investigated following the incident.