Javonnta Murphy: Naked Body of Man Found Stuffed in Barrel Along Malibu Beach May be Linked to 2020 Murder of Rapper Pop Smoke, Say Police

Law enforcement officials suspect that Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, was a victim of a home invasion that led to his killing.

Law enforcement agencies are currently investigating if the man whose naked body was found stuffed inside a barrel on a Florida beach may have been a result of retaliation linked to the 2020 murder of Brooklyn-born rapper Pop Smoke. Relatives have confirmed that the body found inside the barrel is that of singer-songwriter Javonnta Murphy.

Murphy, 32, who was the brother of Jaquan Murphy — one of five people arrested in the wake of Pop Smoke's murder in 2020. Javonnta's body was found stuffed inside a sealed 55-gallon drum, which was floating in the water near Malibu Lagoon State Beach on July 31.

Grim Discovery

Javonnta Murphy
Javonnta Murphy Twitter

Jaquan Murphy, then aged 21, was initially charged with the attempted murder of rapper Pop Smoke. However, he was eventually exonerated from any involvement. Nonetheless, he is currently awaiting trial for a separate murder case in Los Angeles County.

According to a TMZ report, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is currently exploring the potential scenario where Javonnta's death might have been in retaliation to the murder of Pop Smoke.

Law enforcement officials suspect that Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, was a victim of a home invasion that led to his killing.

The rapper had shared pictures of himself alongside an infinity pool located in the backyard, as well as an image showcasing the skyline of Los Angeles.

Pop Smoke

Moreover, in another post, either Pop Smoke or a member of his team shared a photo of a gift bag featuring the address situated in the Hollywood Hills area.

Another snapshot showed Pop Smoke standing beside a Range Rover, where the address of the rental property could be partially seen behind him.

On February 19, 2020, in the early hours, a group of five suspects, with one masked and armed with a firearm, forcibly entered the home and unleashed a barrage of gunfire, resulting in the tragic death of the young rapper Pop Smoke.

According to authorities, a friend of someone staying at the house had called 911 to report the trespassers.

Pop Smoke
Rapper Pop Smoke was shot dead at his Hollywod Hills house in February, this year. Instagram

The rapper's body was found shortly after that and he was rushed to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

An Eye for an Eye

In April, a 20-year-old man pleaded guilty to his involvement in the plan. He acknowledged that he and his companions had entered Pop Smoke's home in the Hollywood Hills with the intention of stealing a valuable gold watch from the rapper.

Jaquan Murphy
Javonnta Murphy was the brother of Jaquan Murphy (above) Twitter

The defendant, who remained unnamed due to being a juvenile when the crime was committed, pleaded guilty to charges of voluntary manslaughter and home invasion robbery. It was noted that he played a role in scouting the mansion and enlisting others to participate in the criminal act.

The 20-year-old received a sentencing of four years and two months at the Secure Youth Treatment Facility located in Los Angeles, yet the possibility exists that he might stay in juvenile custody until reaching the age of 25.

Among the people implicated in the alleged scheme, this defendant is the first to have pleaded guilty. Another suspect was Corey Walker, the only adult involved in the case.

Prosecutors claimed that Walker was recorded in a clandestine jailhouse interview, allegedly confessing to his part in the rapper's killing. Reportedly, Walker revealed how the group employed ski masks and a police scanner in their effort to evade capture.

"He said that when the individuals got inside, the suspects confronted (Pop Smoke), who was in the shower naked," LAPD Det. Carlos Camacho testified in 2021.

Walker's account of the incident claims that Pop Smoke looked to be complying with the demands to hand over the jewelry he was still wearing at one point, but the rapper resisted and "rushed" the intruders.

According to Walker, the rapper was pistol-whipped after which he allegedly took a shot to the chest from a 15-year-old.

This teenager is also accused of confessing his involvement in the murder during an interview that was recorded with a fellow inmate at a juvenile detention center.

Jaquan Murphy, who is now 24 years old, is presently awaiting trial for a separate murder case in Los Angeles County, as stated by TMZ.

Javonnta Murphy
Javonnta Murphy Twitter

His older sibling, Javonnta Murphy, was an aspiring hip-hop artist who had recently relocated to his first apartment in Sylmar before his tragic demise, as shared by a family acquaintance.

It was unclear when the 32-year-old rapper was killed before his body was discovered on the Malibu beach, but Lt. Hugo Raynaga of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department noted that "it didn't look decomposed or like it had been there for a long time."

As of now, there have been no arrests made in relation to the killing of Javonnta Murphy.