Ivanka Trump's Tribute to Shinzo Abe Backfires After She Glorifies Her 'Government Service' in a Tweet

Ivanka Trump, daughter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, was ridiculed on social media after she tweeted about the death of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The former White House adviser was mocked for mentioning "my government service" in the condolence message.

Ivanka Trump
Former White House Adviser Ivanka Trump and Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Twitter

Ivanka Praised Abe for His Advice and Wisdom

The Former Japanese Prime Minister died aged 67 after he was shot twice on Monday morning in the eastern city of Nara during an election campaign event. Japan's NHK confirmed the news, citing officials of Abe's Liberal Democratic party (LDP).

Photos and videos from the scene showed the assassin firing two shots from behind even as Abe was making a stump speech. Abe collapsed on the ground where he was seen bleeding profusely. Reports close on the heels of his hospitalization said he had no vital signs when he was brought to the hospital.

Ivanka, while offering her condolences, wrote: "Saddened by the death of Former PM Shinzo Abe, a truly historic figure & leader of lasting consequence. Abe's advice, wisdom & warmth had a profound impact on me during my government service. My heart is with his family & the Japanese people as the world mourns his passing." She also shared a picture of the late Prime minister in which she is seen standing with him short peach colored skirt with matching blazer.

Social Media Reacts to Ivanka's Post

The condolence post backfired badly for the former first daughter of the United States. While many found the picture inappropriate, there were others who blasted her for my government service remark.

"I've never heard of the world's longest bring-your-daughter-to-work-day described as 'government service' before," wrote a user.

"Wearing the skirt that was criticized in the Japanese press for being inappropriate," commented a user.

"Ivanka Trump tweets about her "government service" in the White House. WTF! She meant her 4 yrs of stealing with Jared raking in over $600 Million. Jared Kushner got $2 Billion from Saudi Arabia after he left the WH. That Criminal BS needs to be investigated by Congress & #DOJ," read another tweet.

"Ivanka Trump doesn't give a shit about the assassination of Shinzo Abe. She only cares about the $640 Million she made off with while working in the White House," expressed another user.