Who is Sarah Seales? School Teacher Fired After Nude Photos Surface; Used Her School Nickname 'Buttercup' on OnlyFans

Sarah Seales, an elementary school teacher, was fired from her job after her nudes were found on OnlyFans account by her employer. Seales was sacked after her bosses at DoD STARBASE believed that the raunchy account was putting its reputation at risk.

Starbase is a program run by the Department of Defense that collaborates with local school districts across the country to offer STEM classes to fifth grade students.

Sarah Seales
Sarah Seales Twitter

Seales Is Called 'Buttercup 1981' on Adult Content Site

Seales, who goes by the name Sarah Juree on social media, was working with Starbase in in South Bend, Indiana. the 40-year-old's secret account on the adult content website was revealed after a report was published in Real News Michiana. Titled, "Local teacher has porn site on side, has kids call her by nickname she uses on porn site," the online article reported that Seales is known as 'Buttercup' on the website and advertised her pornography page on her social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. The outlet also accessed nearly a dozen full-body nude photos of the teacher.

The New York Post reported that Seales was issued a termination letter on June 27. "These photos pose a real and immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealings of Starbase Indiana, Inc. up to and including the loss of schools, donors, community partners and our contract to operate with the State National Guard," the letter read, according to the outlet.

In an Instagram post, soon after she was exposed in the online article, Seales wrote, "I am shocked and saddened by his vile attempt to ruin my life. If you could think of any way to help me I would appreciate it. I feel heartbroken."

Seales Claims OnlyFans Helped Her Breakout from the Poverty Cycle

However, following her termination, she confirmed the news on her social media page and urged her 1700 Instagram followers to join OnlyFans in order to supplement her income. "Please join my OnlyFans! I just got fired from my teaching job! I need all the support I can get! Tips and loving support appreciated!!" Seales wrote along with a selfie wearing a pale pink bra.

Claiming that the adult content website helped her escape the "the poverty cycle being a single mom and teacher has put me in," the pornstar wrote. "Onlyfans has also created an empowering platform for women to create an unlimited financial income for themselves. Unlike being exploited on dating sites and being used for my images and targeted as an easy woman to take on a date and get free sex, I am now part of the energy exchange. I am now empowered."

"Women can now become their own boss and be able to manage their own platform, pages and images. I appreciate the fans who are helping me to reclaim my life in every beautiful way possible! The support is amazing and I am now in the Top 7% of content producers!" she continued in the social media post.