Former Trump Official Jeffrey Clark Forced to Stand in Underwear Outside his House as Cops Search Property

Jeffrey Clark, a former Trump official, was seen standing outside his home in underwear and a shirt, as a search was being conducted by the investigators on his property. Clark, a former U.S. Department of justice official, was trolled after the bodycam footage emerged on social media.

Jeffery Clark
Jeffery Clark Twitter

Clark Calls the Raid 'Highly Politicized'

CNN broadcast the bodycam footage of the search obtained from the Fairfax County Police Department. According to the outlet, the search was part of an "ongoing fraud investigation" during Clark's time at the Justice Department.

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The video shows, Clark, dressed in a underwear and shirt opening the door to the cops.

Informing the former Trump official that she is with the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General, a female officer asks him to step outside his home. "Can you step outside with me, we have a search warrant and we need to speak to you," she said. "So can I get you to step outside for me?"

"Let's go, let's step outside," she repeated. "Can I put my pants on first?" asked Clark. "They are going to clear the house," said the cops. The video also shows Clark's request of standing inside the garage being denied by the cops as they repeatedly insisted about the entire premise being searched.

The Independent reported that Clark said that investigators took away all the electronics. "12 agents and two Fairfax County police officers went into my house, searched it for three and a half hours and "took all of the electronics from my house," he said.

"This is highly politicized. With the hearing that was pointed at me and targeted at me today ... it looks highly coincidental," he added.

Clark Gets Trolled on Social Media

A screenshot of the underwear clad Clark, taken from the bodycam footage, went viral on social media. "Jeffrey Clark is was fool to force his way to break the law for Donald Trump. Now he's going to jail for him. I would've made him walk the street in his underwear handcuffed. Just to shame him and make him feel even more guilty then the judge or jury," tweeted a user.

"@JeffClarkUS Dude, you don't put on trousers before opening the door?" wrote a user as another added, "I see that since you're no longer with the DOJ, every day is casual day. I guess you get to wear this when plotting coups now, huh?"

Here are some of the social media posts ridiculing the former Trump official: