IU to Make Drama Comeback After Four Years Through You Have Done Well; Reveals Details

IU, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun, is set to make a comeback after four years through an upcoming K-drama You Have Done Well. She will portray a rebellious woman named Ae Soon in the mini-series. Her last project was Hotel Del Luna. She played the bold and beautiful Man Wol in it.

The actress and singer recently opened up about her upcoming project during an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine. According to her, Ae Soon is different from Man Wol, but she is very similar to Ji Eun. That is one of the reasons why she became attracted to the television project.

The Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo star will share screen space with actor Park Bo Gum in the new drama written by Im Sang Choon of Fight For My Way fame. The actress said she enjoyed the previous works of this writer. It was another reason for her to choose this project.

"I think everyone will think this way once the drama is released: 'Ah, even I might have wanted to take it on myself.' [It] felt novel to me because it has its own unique story. As a person who likes to read and write, I was envious of the writer's talent that she could make people feel this kind of emotion through just prints. The subject matter itself is good, but I especially liked the fact that [the drama] conveys a weighty story without being heavy," she added.

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IU as Ae Soon in You Have Done Well

The actress will portray rebellious Ae Soon in the new drama. Although Ae Soon is rebellious, she feels nervous whenever she rebels. Ae Soon shines brightly and thinks positively, though she struggles in life. IU described Ae Soon as a woman with a unique personality.

"Ae Soon seems like a person you can easily find around you, but if you look more closely, she is a person whose individuality as a human stands out. I seem to be attracted to that type of person," she shared.

When the Hotel Del Luna star spoke about the similarities between Ae Soon and her, she said Ae Soon resembles her more than any other character she portrayed on screen. She praised the writer's observation skills. She said the writer tried to incorporate her characteristics that were too obvious into Ae Soon.

"It was to the extent that I said, 'Oh my, how did you know that I have this kind of side to me?' after reading the script," IU said.

You Have Done Well will soon kick off its pre-production. The mini-series could premiere towards the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024.