Twenty-Five Twenty-One Star Nam Joo Hyuk, VICTON Member Seungsik, and Others to Enlist in Military

South Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who portrayed the role of reporter Baek Yi Jin in the tvN drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One, has announced his military enlistment. He will get enlisted in March. The other artists to join the military in March include VICTON member Seungsik and SF9 member Jaeyoon.

N. Flying members Kim Jae Hyun, Seo Dong Sung, and Cha Hun have confirmed their military enlistment in March. Joo Hyuk will join the police force, Seungsik will join the military band, and Jaeyoon will join the army. Meanwhile, Jae Hyun, Dong Sung, and Cha Hun could join the military band.

Here is everything to know about the military enlistment who K-drama stars and K-pop artists who have confirmed their enlistment in March.

Nam Joo Hyuk

The actor, who made his last small screen appearance through the tvN coming-of-age drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One, will join the military police force on March 20. His agency announced the enlistment date and details recently.

"It is true that Nam Joo Hyuk was accepted into the military police force. He will be enlisting in the police squad on March 20," entertainment agency Management SOOP shared.

The actor applied to The Capital Defense Command Military Police Group last May. Joo Hyuk will receive basic military training for five weeks at the ay training center before being transferred to his station. The Twenty-Five Twenty-One star wrapped up the filming of his upcoming movie Vigilante in January.

Nam Joo Hyuk
South Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk Instagram/Nam Joo Hyuk

VICTON Member Seungsik

The K-pop idol announced his military enlistment earlier this month through Weverse Live. He will join the military band and serve as a member of this band.

"I'll be enlisting in the military in March. I felt sorry because I know all too well that ALICE [VICTON's fans] were waiting for and hoping to see a full-group comeback and I also really wanted to stand before you as a full group as quickly as possible. But due to several factors, I've wound up enlisting now. I'll be enlisting on March 22," the singer said.

The VICTON member said he never felt it difficult to join the military because he has seen several of his older family members getting enlisted. Seungsik always thought all healthy South Korean men should serve in the military. But he finds it a bit difficult now because the fan group will have to wait a little longer for the group's come back.

SF9 Member Jaeyoon

The singer announced his military enlistment last week through his agency FNC Entertainment. He will serve in the military as an active duty soldier in the 3rd Division of the Army from March 21. The enlistment will be held as a private event wherein several other military personnel will gather together. There will be no official event for enlistment, and visits from fans are prohibited, according to the agency.

"We are always grateful for the love that fans send to SF9's Jaeyoon, and we ask for your support until the day he safely completes his military service and returns in good health," the agency added.

N.Flying member Cha Eun
N.Flying member Cha Eun Instagram/Cha Eun

N.Flying Members Kim Jae Hyun, Seo Dong Sung, and Cha Hun

Cha Hun will join the military as a member of the military band on March 20. The enlistment dates for Kim Jae Hyun and Seo Dong Sung have not been confirmed yet. The enlistment for Cha Hun will take place as a private event. His agency FNC Entertainment requested the fans to refrain from visiting the site as several other military personnel will gather together on the same day.

The agency said Jae Hyun and Dong Sung are waiting for their military enlistment dates. The firm will share the enlistment dates with fans when it receives the information. Regarding the enlistment of Dong Sung, FNC Entertainment said it wants to minimize the hiatus of N.Flying as a group.

"We are currently making efforts so that each member can carry out his military duty well, and we are also making concrete plans and preparations for N.Flying's—as well as each member's—future activities. We are always thankful for the love you give to N.Flying, and we ask that you continue to give N.Flying's activities your interest and support in the future as well," the agency added.