IU aka Lee Ji-eun beats BTS, Kyung Seo, HyunA, Blackpink to occupy Numero Uno Position in Instiz Chart

Lee Ji-eun aka IU has occupied the numero uno position in the Instiz Chart's weekly rankings which determines the popularity of the star in a given week. The rankings are declared based on music sales and the impact of the songs on the fans.

Souty Korean singer IU
Singer IU. Instagram

IU Secures Highest Points
In the recently-released chart, IU is in the top place following the release of her new song 'Celebrity', which was launched on 27 January. She has reportedly secured 31,305 points, which helped her to convincingly beat the competition.

Rookie singer Kyung Seo, who has been dominating charts in the last couple of months, is at the second place in the newly-released Instiz Chart. She has come distant second with her 'Shiny Star' song, which was released November. It garnered 14.800 points.

Members of South Korean K-pop band BTS at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong in 2016. Reuters/Bobby Yip

BTS at 3rd Place
BTS' Dynamite is pushed down to third place in the Instiz Chart's ranking. The group, with their 'Dynamite' track, has earned 11,947 points. The track was released in August 2020. Whereas 10cm's is at the fourth position with their 'Borrow Your Night' number, which was released on 24 January. It has got 11,113 points.

Mirani, Mushvenom, Khundi Panda, Munchman, and Justhis are in the fifth place for 'VVS' song. It secured 8,546 points. Then comes, Jang Bum Joon for their 'Can't Sleep' track which hit the internet October 2020. It has garnered over 6,800 points.

South Korean popular girl band BLACKPINK will organize their first online concert on December 27. Netflix

Blackpink at 7th Position
is at the seventh place with its 'Lovesick Girls' which was launched on 2 October. It has got 6,600 points. It is followed by HyunA for 'I'm Not Cool' with 6,061 points. The song hit the internet on 28 January.

Sandeul is in the ninth position. His 'Slightly Tipsy' single, which was released in July 2020, earned 5,960 points. Coincidentally, IU, which is in the numero uno position, has occupied the 10th place as well with the song titled 'Eight' which was released in May 2020. The track, which has BTS member Suga, has garnered 5,337 points.

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