Blackpink's Jisoo beats Jennie, IU, Red Velvet's Irene, TWICE's Nayeon to become the cutest K-pop female idol

Blackpink's oldest member Jisoo is declared the cutest female idol in the K-pop industry in a recent poll conducted on Choeaedol, an idol community that provides realtime idol rankings, schedules, and surveys. She has beaten the likes of Jennie, Rose and Lisa from her own group in the poll which had the participation of thousands of fans.

South Korean popular girl band BLACKPINK will organize their first online concert on December 27. Netflix

Which Female Idol is as Cute as Mochi?
The poll was run from 27 January to 3 February with the title - Which female idol is as cute as mochi?. The top four positions have been occupied by the Blackpink members with Jisoo getting 37 percent of the overall votes. She has garnered 32,014 votes to win the title. Jennie is the first runner-up with 30,874 votes.

Jisoo is currently concentrating on her singing as well as her acting career. She is presently acting in Jo Hyun-tak-directed drama Snowdrop which will be aired on JTBC. This is her debut project in the female lead character.

The other members of Blackpink like Rose and Lisa have secured 29,036 and 26,769 votes, respectively. Looking at the votes garnered by each member in the top four spots, it becomes clear that there was a lot of competition among them as the difference of votes between the top four rankings are not huge.

Especially, Jisso garnered just 1,140 more votes than Jennie to win the race. Likewise, the latter secured just 1,838 more votes than Rose to become the first runner-up.

Souty Korean singer IU
Singer IU. Instagram

IU Misses 4th Spot by Narrow Margin
Singer IU has landed in fifth place with 26,759 votes. She narrowly missed the opportunity to earn the fourth spot in the ranking. Red Velvet's Irene (18,341 votes), (G)I-DLE's Yuqi (15,583 votes), TWICE's Nayeon (14,757 votes), TWICE's Sana (12,855 votes) and TWICE's Tzuyu (12,376 votes) are in the next four positions, respectively.

The other Idols in the Top 30 Rankings

11. Girls' Generation's Yoona (12,217 votes)

12. TWICE's Dahyun (11,691 votes)

13. aespa's Winter (11,680 votes)

14. TWICE's Mina (11,232 votes)

15. TWICE's Jihyo (10,547 votes)

16. ITZY's Yeji (10,545 votes)

17. Red Velvet's Seulgi (10,331 votes)

18. (G)I-DLE's Shuhua (10,180 votes)

19. GFRIEND's Yerin (10,103 votes)

20. MAMAMOO's Solar (9,973 votes)

21. IZ*ONE's Jang Wonyoung (9,515 votes)

22. aespa's Karina (9,499 votes)

23. ITZY's Ryujin (9,490 votes)

24. ITZY's Lia (9,380 votes)

25. MAMAMOO's Moonbyul (9,335 votes)

26. ITZY's Yuna (9,327 votes)

27. Red Velvet's Joy (9,305 votes)

28. TWICE's Momo (9,064 votes)

29. Red Velvet's Wendy (9,042 votes)

30. Dreamcatcher's JiU (8,906 votes)