ISIS Recruiting Suicide Bombers to Carry Out Terror Attacks in the West Around Christmas: Report

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Terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) is reportedly using TikTok to recruit dozens of young suicide bombers to carry out large-scale attacks during Christmas celebrations. According to a report in The Sun, there are dozens of accounts on the social media platform that are posting ISIS propaganda and inciting hatred against non-Muslims.

In fact, the Islamic terrorist organization is directly instigating young Muslims on TikTok to launch mass terrorist attacks in the West during the Christmas week. Dozens of such videos can be found on the social media platform. However, none of these videos have been removed from TikTok.

Recruiting Terrorists


The report says that dozens of videos urging youngsters to join ISIS as suicide bombers are in circulation on the TikTok. One of the videos that the outlet came across urges Muslim supporters to initiate terrorist attacks in the Western countries during the Christmas holidays to induce mass casualty.

The video described Christmas as "the celebration of the Kufar (non-Muslims) and Crusaders" and features moody background sounds. It said, "They do not believe in Allah, and they make fun of the sacred. They are Shaytan (Devil) slaves." The video showed several scenes of Christmas markets and celebrations, and the narrator added, "Prepare yourself, O soldier of Allah to shed the blood of these Kufar."

The video then goes on to show scenes of Christmas markets and celebrations, while the narrator adds chillingly: "Prepare yourself, O soldier of Allah to shed the blood of these Kufar."

However, what's more shocking is that the narrator in the video then directly calls for young Muslims to join ISIS as suicide bombers, adding "enter the crowds disguised in their clothes."

Terror Alert

Islamic State.
Islamic State. IANS

It is not known what kind of plans ISIS has but the videos surely are disturbing and serve as a warning ahead of Christmas. The video also asks the supporters to bring hidden explosives and to "explode it and plant panic and terror in their hearts."

According to the outlet, the video was uploaded on an account that was being used to spread ISIS propaganda and has been in existence and active for the past 18 months. The video has been watched over a million times.

This, however, isn't the only video in circulation on the social media site. There are dozens of similar videos doing ISIS propaganda and calling for supporters to join the ISIS as suicide bombers and go for a terror attack during the Christmas week.

Another account has a video of a woman in a burqa who posted surveillance video of buildings and structures in Germany. The caption of the video read, "May Allah accepts you into Paradise". The bio of the account read, "A lion fights for its prey until it has it and turns its enemies into its flock". The video starts with a regular electronic beeping noise followed by the sound of police sirens.

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Her biographical information said: "A lion fights for its prey until it has it and turns its enemies into its flock". The use of TikTok to spread deadly propaganda indicates that the terror group is looking to recruit impressionable young people as so-called "clean skins" to carry out suicide bombings in Europe.

The UK, the United States and the entire Europe have been facing a "severe" terror threat level since the car bomb attack in Liverpool. Security agencies believe there is a possibility that more "lone wolf" attackers have been prepared during the lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These self-radicalized individuals might carry attacks once the restrictions are completely lifted.

In April 2019, ISIS launched a serial bomb attack in Sri Lanka on Easter. Hundreds of people were killed and injured in the simultaneous attacks that took place across eight different locations in three cities of the island nation.