Chilling Video Shows Moment Islamic State Terrorist is Shot Dead by Cops in Auckland [GRAPHIC]

One elderly lady in the video can be seen running for cover, while cops chase the attacker to the other end of the supermarket.

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A dramatic new video has emerged that shows the moment cops in Auckland, New Zealand, shoot dead the ISIS terrorist who stabbed 6 people inside a supermarket on Friday.

The video shows the panic inside the store, when cops enter and fire multiple rounds of bullets killing the ISIS knifeman instantly.

On Friday, an Islamic State-inspired attacker, who was on a terror watchlist, went on knife rampage inside an Auckland Mall before being killed by undercover cops. Three of the six wounded are in critical condition after suffering neck and chest wounds. Two are in "moderate" conditions while one is in a serious condition.

Chilling Moment

Videos posted on social media show terrified shoppers running for cover in the LynnMall Shopping Centre shortly after "extremist" terror attack. The ISIS terrorist, who was of Sri Lankan origin, can be seen chasing people with the knife, while cops follow him.

One elderly lady in the video can be seen running for cover, while cops chase the attacker to the other end of the supermarket. One man can be heard saying: "Holy s**t" and then screams, as several rounds of gunshots are heard.

Another woman can be heard saying in one video: "There's someone here with a knife ... he's got a knife."

At least 10 police could be seen swarming the streets as others inside and outside the mall could be seen running to save themselves from the knifeman. The cops then are seen chasing the attacker inside the mall and without hesitation fire at him till he falls dead on the ground.

According to New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, it took police officers less than a minute to take down the terrorist.

Scary Scene

New Zealand Attacker
Moment cops shoot dead the ISIS terrorist in New Zealand Twitter

One person present inside the mall later said that "people were panicking" as officers swarmed on the mall and rushed to the scene of the terror attack. Another shopper, Michelle Miller, who was in the mall when the man attacked, said that he was "running around like a lunatic" and described hearing screams.

"A violent extremist undertook a terrorist attack on innocent New Zealanders. He was gripped by violent and ISIS-inspired ideology that is not supported here," Arden said.

New Zealand Knife attack
One shopper trying to take cover as the attacker went on a rampage Twitter

The 32-year-old, who has been identified only as 'S' due to security reasons, was a "lone wolf." The attacker was born in Sri Lanka but had shifted to New Zealand in 2011. He was on terror watchlist at least since 2016, according to Arden.

He landed himself on terror watchlists at that time after buying hunting knives twice and being found to possess Islamic State propaganda videos, NZHerald reported.

He was reportedly arrested earlier too for allegedly planning another knife attack. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the man obtained a knife from within the store, according to New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster. Police started following him on Friday morning the moment he left and walked into the New Lynn Countdown. However, they never expected him to carry out an attack.