Isabella Bliss: Instagram Closes Account of Marilyn Monroe Lookalike 5 Times in 2 Weeks

The censorship from Instagram-owner Facebook comes despite Monroe dying 59 years ago in 1964 and would have been 94 had she been alive today.

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A Marilyn Monroe lookalike has reportedly accused Instagram of removing her profile as people may confuse her with the real star. According to a report in The Sun, Isabella Bliss, 34, said that the censorship by Instagram saw her profile being removed five times in two weeks, which is now hindering her promotion as she prepares to take to the stage again after lockdown.

Interestingly, the censorship from Instagram-owner Facebook comes despite Monroe dying 59 years ago. Although Instagram later restored her account, the Burlesque performer now says that she is clueless how to handle this bizarre censorship issue as this may continue to happen in the future too.

Strange Reason

Isabella Bliss
Isabella Bliss Instagram

Monroe died in 1962 and would have been 94 had she been alive today but Bliss, who is one of the real star's impersonators, says that she was taken aback when she found Instagram removing her profile five times in two weeks. According to The Sun, Bliss says Instagram removed it so that people doesn't confuse her for the real star.

"I was asked to clearly state I'm not the celebrity in question," she told the outlet. "It's almost insulting to the public that Instagram and Facebook think people would mistake me for a woman who's been dead since 1962.

Bliss says that her profile clearly states that she is a Monroe tribute artist, as required by Instagram, but even then she was banned from the social media platform.

Instagram Realizes Mistake

Bliss, of Basildon, Essex, said the pages are her "shop window" and allow her to advertise herself and take bookings. Her job as a stage artiste suffered due to the pandemic and lockdown and just when she was planning to make a comeback, her profile was removed.

This cost her lose followers and business. "It just seems utterly outrageous that I'm being personally attacked or victimized for using my social media platform for part of my business."

However, Instagram, after locking her profile five times, finally realized the mistake and restored her account. An Instagram spokesman said: "The account was removed in error and has now been restored. We apologize for the mistake." That, however, doesn't end her worries as she feels that the given the way her account was closed by Instagram on multiple occasions she won't be surprised if it happens again.