Anna Paul: Australian OnlyFans Model 'Permanently Banned' by TikTok for Being a 'Sex Worker'

The 21-year-old model from Gold Coast had amassed 1.2 million followers on the app before her account was deleted "in seconds" last Thursday.

Australian OnlyFans model Anna Paul accounted has been "permanently banned" by TikTok, with the 21-year-old claiming that it was shut down because she's a sex worker. The decision to ban Paul has now sparked outrage from her fans, who want TikTok to immediately unblock account.

Paul, who is an equally popular TikTok star, often poses her racy photos on OnlyFans. She is now asking her fans to help her get her TikTok account back. The hot model from Gold Coast had amassed 1.2 million followers on the app before her account was deleted "in seconds" last Thursday.

Not a Crime

Anna Paul
Anna Paul Instagram

The adult content creator claimed that she had only been posting daily vlogs to her 1.2 million followers on TikTok until recently she opened the app to find her account "banned for no reason". She then took her another backup account on TikTok, who she said: "So TikTok had 'permanently banned' my account at 1.2 million followers for absolutely no reason."

She even shared screenshots of her account being blocked and said, "This was my account before and then one second later, it looked like this." Anna has been working as an adult content creator on OnlyFans from where she earns huge money by selling her nudes.

She now claims that her profession of being a "sex worker" was the reason why TikTok permanently banned her from the social media app. She also had a huge following on TikTok where she had been regularly documenting her day-to-day life in 60-second vlogs. "I post daily vlogs there and I vlogged every single day of my life for a year and apparently that goes against TikTok's community guidelines," she said.

Detached From Her Fans

Paul is now urging her fans to help her get back her account on TikTok. Naturally, the fans too are outraged given that the ban means they will be deprived of watching Paul's steamy videos on the platform. Anna also regularly posts on Instagram where too she commands a healthy fan following.

Anna Paul
Anna Paul Instagram

A spokesperson from TikTok, confirmed to that Paul's account had been "permanently banned" stating that the platform has strict community guidelines around sexual content. "Our Community Guidelines make it clear that we do not allow content that commits, promotes, or glorifies sexual solicitation or accounts that attempt to redirect traffic," the spokesperson said.

Paul, however, has snapped back at the social media platform and said, "Posting myself going for lunch, posting my doing makeup, go against community guidelines, what the f***?" she fumed.

"It was a shock because I had never had a warning before, none of my videos have ever gone against community guidelines whatsoever," she said.

Interestingly, Paul had contacted TikTok on Wednesday after her account was blocked. TikTok initially restored it but again deleted it for the second time on Thursday, with the social media star told she was "permanently banned."

Anna Paul
Anna Paul Instagram

Paul is now helpless and seeking help from her fans. "My TikTok has been falsely removed and anybody knows a way to get it back, please help me," she said in the video from her backup account.

Fans too have been showing their support for Paul. "The most positive person on TikTok gets banned?" one of her followers wrote. "I enjoy your content so much, it's inspiring and I'm so upset it's gone!" wrote another.

Naturally, Paul is now worried that she might have to start from scratch and rebuild a new fan base but she is clueless how she will do it as TikTok might ban her again if she starts another account. "There's so many other sex workers on TikTok I just post my day, I just post myself going to lunch," she said.