Irish Tourist Suffers Serious Head Injuries After Falling From Hotel Balcony in Spain's Majorca

The incident is currently being investigated by the Civil Guard and the personal details of the tourist have not been released yet.

An Irish tourist fell from the balcony of a hotel in the Majorca and sustained multiple serious injuries.

As per the local media, the incident happened in the party resort of Santa Ponsa around 4:30 a.m. The 20-year-old tourist fell from the third floor balcony of the four-star TRH Jardin del Mar Beach Hotel.

He was found by the emergency responders at the back of the hotel between the gap of the building and a small wall.

The emergency responders believe that the tourist was heavily intoxicated either by drugs or alcohol because when they were attempting to stabilize him, the tourist told them that he fell while being chased.

Irish tourist falls Spain

His Irish nationality was confirmed by 'well-placed sources' as the police officials were not able to release any information about the incident and the 20-year-old, The Sun reported.

After stabilizing him at the scene for almost 25 minutes, the emergency responders immediately transported the tourist to a nearby hospital in Palma. His friends followed the ambulance in a taxi.

A spokesperson for the police confirmed to the reporters the basic facts of the incident, further informing them that the Civil Guard, the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain, will be continuing the investigations.

Irish tourist falls Spain

"We are investigating an incident in which a 20-year-old tourist plunged from the third-floor balcony of a hotel in Santa Ponsa. He has been taken to Son Espases Hospital in Palma," they said.

This is the third incident this year where tourists vacationing in Spain's popular resorts have 'plunged' from their hotel balconies.

The previous two happened in early May. A 50-year-old Irish holidaymaker fell from a second-floor apartment in Santa Ponsa and was rushed to the hospital in a serious condition, on May 3.

A 34-year-old British tourist died after falling from the seventh-floor of his hotel balcony at the four-star Melia South Beach Hotel in Magaluf, on May 12.